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There is also INCIID http://www.inciid.org/!!!


Ooops, sorry about that. The exclamation marks messed up the link. http://www.inciid.org

I'm disgusted with what I've discovered about Oprah's take on infertility treatments and the O article. Here's someone who could do so much GOOD for others and instead she's helping to spread horrid, inaccurate information. Ugh!


Well I'm really late on this conversation but today she managed to have infertility addressed briefly in a segment on women in their thirties.

It started OK but she managed to piss me off once she asked the woman about reaching an acceptance of her infertility, the possibility of adoption and then went there . . . . you know . . . that thing when people get pregnant once they adopt.

The woman "Jenn" set her straight and told O. that those are the worst comments people make.


(PS I googled Oprah + infertility and landed here, back in time.)

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