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Hi. I'm Jacquie and this is my blog.

I started blogging in 2004, when I was living in Park Slope, Brooklyn and struggling to start a family. That portion of my life is documented at

Four years later, after my family grew to include a son (The Boy, born in August 2005) and a daughter (The Girl, born in June 2007) we reluctantly concluded that our apartment was too small and my husband's commute was too long and we made the move the suburbs or Fairfield County, CT.

Reluctantly, I hung up the BrooklynGirl moniker and became After Words, the blog that is still taking shape AFTER all those WORDS about infertility. Mostly I kvetch about parenting and suburban life, both of which I continue to struggle with.

I'm glad you're here. When I'm not blogging--which is pretty often--you can find me on Twitter as @After_Words.