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Just letting you know, you have a new reader!
Looking foward to your journey...good..bad..up or down....I'll be right here....trying to get pregnant too & feeling better that I am not alone in this misery!


Thanks Simone and good luck to you! It's nice to have company on the joyous journey that is TTC!



So glad to have found you! Best of luck on your cycle. I'm sorry the insurance has been so difficult, but believe me, I understand your hesitation to find out the details. My insurance was great for the first IUI, but I haven't even called to find out if they will cover my next one... and now it's too late so I think I'll deal with that another day! We just have too much too think about.


Ugh, insurance. Man I hate dealing with insurance issues. I think they just like to find ways to f*** people!! Ironically the few times we've had insurance coverage for infertility we haven't needed it! Go figure! So we've paid our dues both emotionally, monitarily and every other way.

Good luck again and again!


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