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I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending good wishes your way!


Help! I am taking Bravelle now. I am getting very discourage. My insurance is not paying for anything. My husband and I both just graduated so we have our college loans, plus house payment and everything else--which I am sure you have been through. The doctor keeps increasing my medicine--which gets more and more expensive everyday. My eggs are not the right size and seems like it never will be. Any advise anyone can give, encouragement etc--I need to help me get through this--please help


Well, I'm not sure how useful my advice will be, but I wanted to say that I'm sorry you're going through all this. I'm not sure what you mean about your eggs not being the right size--are you saying that the follciles are growing slowly or do you mean something else? I'm in the same bind in terms of insurance, and all I can say about that is to be as aggressive as you can. Check some of the information about infertility insurance on http://www.resolve.org and http://www.inciid.org if you're not familiar with your state's insurance requirements. Hang in there and good luck.


I am going thru Bravelle injections right now. Are you on the roller coaster of emotions? I cry everyday, I get hot flashes! I know this will be worth it, but sometimes I question how much longer I can do this . . .


Well I am due to start Bravelle this Wednesday and I am very scared after reading the side effects. This is my first attempt at infertility treatment and I really want to be optimistic that it will work on the first round. Anyone out there that can lend some positive support? God knowns I need it right now.

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