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I did acupuncture not for fertility stuff but now I wish I had 'cuz it was so great. I think it would have really combatted the clomid heebie-jeebies if nothing else. I don't have much time for blog visiting anymore but I am trying (!) to make the rounds at least once a week for everyone TTC so I can send some good vibes your way!!! Vibes vibes vibes from Columbus, OH to Brooklyn!!!!!!


Hey there.
Glad your second acupuncture session was relaxing and ass needle-free. ;-) Hope there will be no need for a third!
Thanks for doing some info gathering for me.
Now to get my butt in gear to find an acupuncturist to go to... Aside from my wonderful cyber buddies, two people have suggested acupunture to us.


Ooohh, I've always wanted to do moxa. Cupping, too. But all I get are those blasted needles. :(

Acupunture Guy

Any questions regarding acupunture ask acupuncture guy.

steven davies

I personally have heard wonderful things about acupuncture and its benefits concerning stress relieving and allergies. We all need plenty of rest and downtime if we expect to avoid the stress monster.

michael jones

Acupuncture is something great! It is real miracle! Its benefits are so many! There is nothing best for real relax that acupuncture!

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