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Aw, babe, I wish you and the HPT were wrong. I am so sorry. That really, really hurts. Would you believe your friends inside the computer are hurting right along with you?

It's little comfort, but if we're both cycling in May maybe we can sit together in the waiting room and mock all and sundry.



What can I say except plainly and simply I'm sorry. Of course, I will continue to hope that the old hag stays away from you.

If AF does unfortunately arrive... Would you consider skipping the progesterone next time around?? It seems like it just prolongs the inevitable if there is not going to be a BFP.

Maybe the acupuncturist has a good idea there. I have already become a fan of break cycles inbetween injectables cycles. For me, it has been soooo much less stressful -- despite my O (or lack thereof) issues.

Good luck with whatever decision you make!

Kathy W.

Don't give up yet! A new study in the Journal of Obstettics and Gynecology showed that the HPT manufacturers' claims are pretty much bull***t. The tests had a 16 percent success rate (rather than 99%) at identifying HCG when a period was one day late...I would keep taking the progesterone and then get a beta in a few days.

Good luck!


It's not over till it's over. I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you!


That blows.

As one who's currently taking a break - I gotta tell you they're really nice. But here's hoping you won't even need one.


Dag. How miserable. But my Hope Addict wants to hang out with you, so we'll sit here in the pastry shop, casting aspersions on Inverness and First Response.


Don't rule yourself out yet. There are so many women who've tested negative on HPTs who've been pregnant. I actually know a woman who tested negative 20 DPO who was, in fact, pregnant. So maybe you're not, but it's not for sure yet.


I'm hoping for you (yes, I'm a new face! Boo!).



Oh, Lisa. I feel like we're going through the same cycle this time. I'm so sorry to hear your news. During my last IUI, I had a negative pregnancy test that turned out to be wrong so I am hoping you can find a small miracle.


I hope your hpt was wrong, but I've never had one show a negative when I was actually positive. (though I have heard of that happening) Later I stopped doing them and just did the beta. I always wanted to prolong the "hope" a few more days. :-( And both of my pgs were discovered with hpts and not betas (though I always had a beta done as soon as I got a positive hpt).

Here's hoping it was a bad hpt but if it wasn't, my thoughts are with you. I've been there many, many times and it's always hard. :-( *hugs*


Dammit. I'm so sorry. *hugs*


Awww, sweetie. I'm so sorry. Is there anything worse than a negative pee stick? I always wanted to impale myself on mine. I think that if the stick is negative, it should be rigged to unspool a hundred dollar bill or something. I mean, we'd all just spend the money on more pee sticks anyway, so what's it to them?

I have heard of negative pee sticks in the case of pregnancy - a friend of mine tested negative on five, but was in fact pregnant - so I'll continue to hold out hope while casting threatening glares in God's direction.


So sorry for your disappointment......I also hope the HPT is wrong. Its about time someone, any of us had some GREAT news to share, instead of all this crap. I'll keep hoping for you.


It must be said: you ladies are all fabulous. *Sniff, sniff* Without going into all the gory details, I've had a little spotting, but she's not yet here in all her glory. I'm not holding out any hope that the pee stick was wrong (okay, maybe the teensiest bit of hope, however ill-advised--down Hope Addict, down!), but I'm just wishing things would resolve themselves one way or another so I can hop back into the next cycle.


I am currently 20 DPO and no AF with Negative Preg test at 18DPO. My doctor said that it is not uncommon for some women to take longer for the HCG to be detected. and that sometimes you may mis calculate your o day. So maybe you o'd later than you thought and you are only 15Dpo. different pregnancy tests detect different amounts of the HCG. This is a good website to check out. http://www.pregnancy.org/article.php?sid=1197. I hope this helps. Don't give up yet.

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