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I am whooping aloud at the dance remix. Brilliant!

Somebody's gotta be in that 20% success bracket...I am so hoping it's you.


Soon you'll have a progesterone suppository story of your own to tell, mi amiga.

I am wishing your husband's sperm Godspeed. May they be swift, sturdy, and genetically sound.


What a small, small (internet) world it is after all.
I literally stumbled across your blog today via two other blogs.
Hope you don't mind if I read along. ;-)
Glad the IUI went well today.
-Julie (Bean)


GetupGrrl--I don't see how any suppository story of my own could rival yours. Or is that just wishful thinking?

JulieBean--Lovely to meet up with you again in this small world! As you can see, I am a newbie blogger, but I appreciate your support. If you haven't been to GetupGrrl's and Julie's blogs, you're in for a treat! =)



I actually found you via Julie's blog which I found from a link from Julia S's blog. :D

Julie had a reference to a Lisa in Brooklyn having an IUI done today as well as having a Spanish test. Well, I figured the odds were pretty good that it was you!

Love your blog so far. You have a great writing style. Enjoy!

Oh, and I hope that you soon will be changing the subtitle of your blog name. ;-)


The Leery Polyp household greatly enjoyed your remix. I promise to wander around mouthing the lyrics all day tomorrow, singing the refrain audibly whenever department heads and curators are within earshot.

You better pop an egg out, pop an egg out, pop an egg, HEY!

Here's hoping for the Zygote Remix...


I'm thinking of you and sending plenty of baby dust your way! *hugs*


Jo--We should have collaborated. Your lyrics are aces!


Muchas gracias! I'm just building on yer foundation.


will ? be? ? . ? that ? sharp

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