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Sorry the pee stick was right, but good for you for finding an optimistic spin on all of this.

Maybe to get more follies you will just need a higher does of Bravelle for all of the stim days instead of increasing the dose part-way through like last time. Do you think they would switch meds that quickly?

Hang in there if you are told to wait out a cycle. It doesn't mean you can't still try. From personal experience I can confirm that a rest cycle is definitely not the worst thing. It has, in fact, made me more relaxed about the whole thing. (Well, except for the psycho day when we didn't BD on my Peak day.) Perhaps it's knowing that if this cycle is a bust, I have another good shot with the next injectables/IUI cycle.

Oh, and either Gonzalez y Gonzalez or Maryann's margaritas might be just the medicine you're looking for. Yummy and strong.


BTW, our code name for this TTC madness is also "The Project." ;-)


Julie--One of my classes tonight meets literally around the corner from Gonzalez y Gonzalez so I may have to make a pit stop.

Though I will certainly bellyache about it if it comes to pass, on some level I know a rest cycle wouldn't really be a terrible thing.


Aw, Lisa, I'm so sorry. It's a big disappointment even when the HPT cushions it a bit.

If you get the all-clear for this month, you and I will be cranky-ass cycle buddies. My period is impatiently expected any minute.


So sorry. I'm so new to this I can't think of what to say. I don't know what I'd want someone to say to me either. I hope you get the all clear on Saturday.


Damn. Well, here's to getting the go-ahead from the docs.


We got our definite "not happening" news on the same day. I hope we can share our next cycle and then never have to do it again. I'm thinking about you.


Oh CRAP! I'm SO sorry. Yeah, those darn pee sticks have always been way too "accurate" for me in the past. :-(

Good for you for trying to see the silver lining. Here's hoping you get the a-ok for your next cycle and you don't have to sit one out. IF by chance you DO, you might want to BD on your own. It might be an off-chance, but we did manage to conceive successfully on our own after a failed IVF cycle. Total luck, I admit, but hey, it's always worth a shot.


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