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It's so tempting to fritter away the hours plundering Google, but I never learn anything encouraging that way. Rather than being buoyed by promising statistics, I always end up convinced I'll be in the minority, that I have some rare and fatal malady that will render my doctors grave, shaken, and powerless.

Of course, in my case that conviction has usually been correct, but I realize that's not the norm.

I really like the quote: "...with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense." It rings true for me in this February of not-sucking-ness.


You sound just like me! Ah, isn't obsession grand?? Ha!

What would we have done without the internet to fuel our TTC obsessions? What did TTC'er do before its existence?

I can now officially state that I have unfortunately fallen within the 80% minority with IUI #1. No beginner's luck here. Hope you will have it!!


Julie Bean--I was so sorry to see your post. I don't know what else to say except I'm sorry. Hang in there.


Thanks Lisa.
Oh, and I realized I should have said 80% MAJORITY, not minority. I really wonder where my head is these days...


I'm loving the look of your blog as you fine tune it. And I'm loving that quote even more. It's a quote worthy of your Hope Addict - and she's a whole lot more helpful than your Infoholic Witch will ever be.


How are you doing today?? Or should I say Como esta? (Is that right?? I've never taken Spanish.)
Are you Google-free? Stay strong, girl!
BTW, have you noticed that all of the replies to this post are from Julies and a Julia...


Julia--The fine tuning is a challenge. My knowledge of HTML/technology is slightly less advanced than my knowledge of Spanish.

Julie--It's a J thang. ;> I wish I could say I was google-free, but I am so very weak....

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