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Don't give up hope yet. The beginning of pregnancy feels just like PMS -- bloating, cramping, sore breasts. You can even have some light bleeding around days 8-10 or so. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!


Yeah, the jury's still out on the cramps thing. Good luck, good luck, with that and with the insurance company...


Insurance companies generally suck. And I'm so sorry you have to deal with it at all. *hugs*

As for the cramps, I agree, the beginning of pregnancy can often feel like premenstrual cramps, so don't give up yet!!


Thanks girls--I'm trying to hold onto that pregnancy-feels-just-like-PMS vibe.


It is unanimous... insurance companies quite simply SUCK.
Keeping the faith that those cramps are pg cramps and not the old hag.
Hang in there girl.


Unfortunately, insurance companies serve Satan the Overlord, not deserving mothers-to-be like you.

As others have said, cramps are a common pregnancy symptom. In fact, they're my most common symptom. Hang in there. I've still got many appendages crossed for you!


Yup, pregnancy feels just like not-pregnancy at this stage. It'll make you completely fucking crazy. Hold on, nice lady. We're white-knuckled right along with you.

If you wouldn't mind, Lisa, can you please tell me how Cornell codes the ultrasounds and bloodwork? Miraculously, my insurance covers those as coded by my clinic here I'm wondering if I dare to hope for reimbursement for those, the only thing in this whole enterprise that I don't have to pay for out of pocket.


Thanks again ladies--

Getupgrrl--After reading your update I'm going to shut up about my cramping already. Cripes.

Julie--My understanding is that Cornell will send me a bill for the ultrasounsd and bloodwork that I will pay and then submit to the insurance co for reimbursement. I'm hoping against hope that they'll pay for some of that (if they go by procedure code alone). For some reason, Cornell submitted the claim mentioned above directly to my insurance company (and they rejected it), which confused me as Cornell explicity said they would not do that. All part of the mystery of life...or making life....or trying to make life. Whatever.


Thanks, Lisa.

How are those cramps (or lack thereof)?

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