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Congratulations on triggering. You're one step closer to being vomited on by your own offspring!

From the Department of Soothing Reassurances: Your follicles will keep growing after the trigger, and they grow at the rate of 1 to 2 mm a day, so it's quite likely that the one that was 16 mm today will be in play when you get basted on Monday. You still have a good shot this month, so don't let Dr. Gould get you down just yet, eh?

Oh, and the translation might be inseminación intrauterina. But I prefer the idiomatic explosión de la esperma.


I'm very close to figuring out a very funny joke about Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger, but this Follistim is screwing with my brain, so I can't get there. Instead, let me just wish you a happy trigger. May your eggs be rotund and his sperm be swift.

I'm going to go work on that Trigger joke now.


Sounds like your follicles are doing just fine. Give them one more shot and they'll be all grown up in no time. Best of luck!


Thanks ladies...All hail Ovidrel! Sub-q triggers--what will they think of next. I'm trying to think happy thoughts, but it's just so not in my nature.

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