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Oh, Lisa. I am so sorry.

I'm happy that you're getting the best medical care, what with the vigilance for a possible ectopic, but wretchedly, terribly sorry for the rest.


This news goes right along with the gray, cloudy day I see outside my window. When these things happen I go back to my "why? mode". Why so much pain for one person? When's it gonna end?
I'm so very sorry. I wish I could make it easier for you.


Fuck. I'm so sorry.


Oh, no. I'm so very, very sorry.

And I second what Julie said re: medical care, but that hardly helps. Fuck.

lobster girl

Oh Lisa. I am so sorry. So incredibly sorry.


Damn it. Of course, you know we all wish we could fix it. Since cyber-hugs are creepy, I'm sending you caring thoughts instead.


I am so very sorry.

Julia S

I am so sorry, Lisa.


Another big ass sorry. They might as well hit you over the head with a two by four when they tell you stuff like this. No, Wait... that might actually feel better...

Hang in there.


Oh bloody bloody DAMN!

I am so sorry. I hope it resolves quickly and easily for you.


I'm so sorry. I was hoping that you'd be able to live out that dream that all of us secretly harbor, that of getting pregnant on our own between cycles.

I'm also sorry for all that drinking you missed out on during your vacation.


Coming out of lurkdom to say that my heart breaks for you.

barren mare

Oh no. This is just...terrible. I am so sorry and will be thinking of you. I just can't believe how crap it is.

Emma Jane

Oh, no, Lisa. I'm so sorry to read this.


Saying I'm sorry just doesn't seem like enough. But, it's the kind of sorry that Karen described; the kind that runs through my veins. I know it doesn't help much, but I'm thinking of you.


I hate that saying sorry seems so mechanical yet it is the only thing I have to express how wretched I am feeling for you right now. I’m so sorry this is happening.


I wish there were words to describe how badly I'm feeling for you, but I guess "sorry" is as close as it gets.


From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry that you have to go through this.


Lisa, I'm so sorry. I know nothing I can say can really help. I know how it is to be in this situation. It sucks. Big time. I wish...well, I wish that wishes came true.


Oh, girl. I'm so sorry. My heart is with you. Please keep us posted.


I am so sorry. It just is not fair.


I am so sorry sweetie.

I hope that all will be well but understand your angst and sorrow.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

This shit sucks so bad.


So sorry. So unfair.


Fuck. I'm so sorry. Please take care of yourself.


I'm so sorry. Please keep us posted on what you find out on Friday.
Thinking of you...


My heart aches. I'm so sorry.

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