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Waiting sucks, but we're all out here waiting with you!



Oh, those HSG's are just plain awful! You'd think in this day and age of wonderful technology they would find a "friendlier" way to discover tubal blockage.

I hope there is no tubal damage and that will leave you with the option to continue with IUI or go for IVF when you are ready. :)


Waiting truly sucks. But having a plan, ahhhh now plans are such nice things.


Good luck with the HSG, and I hope the IUIs will do the trick for you. I know no one likes to go the IVF route if they can help it. That is a very expensive road to take.


I know what you mean. I am a teacher and last year I was a substitute so I could cycle. But the honeymoon is over and I go back full time in a couple weeks.

Glad you have a plan. I think it was John Lennon who said life happens inbetween your plans, but I love them anyways.



Waiting does suck but I am so glad you have a plan!


So glad you have a plan you are happy with! Here's wishing you much more hope and good cheer : )


Wishing you clean pipes and swift success!


I'm glad you have the next step planned -- and I'm wishing the best for you.


All systems GO on the plan!! As an aside, maybe you should have your HSG done by my doctor. I hear so many bad things, but honestly it was not a big deal for me. Didn't hurt at all.
Well, good luck- and here's hoping everything will be clear and ready to go!


Danae stole my smooches.

Good plan, Lisa, sweetstuff. I likes it.


I just had my HSG. My recommendation is to take at least 2 (yes, 2) vicodan PLUS Motrin. Better to O.D. than be in terrible pain! hahaha

I'm just starting on this path, too. I'm on 2nd cycle of 100mg clomid + hcg trigger shot + IUI.

Good luck!


Best of luck! The HSG sucks but the waiting sucks even more!! Hope all goes well.


I had an HSG yesterday, and it hurt like a mutherfucker. Oh yeah. Take the advil.. or something better if you can get your hands on it! But it is fascinating to see your insides up on a screen. Especially when the dye spills so nicely into your cavernous abdomen ( like it's supposed to)

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