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Well, hell. I'm just so sorry. I'll keep my finger crossed while quickly stocking up on vodka and bitterness.

Let me know if there's anything I can do, my friend.


Delurking to say that I hate when people are so chirpy about the woman who "had a beta of 5 at 14 dpo and gave birth to twins 37 weeks late." But I'll throw in my story for what it's worth.

My first beta at 13 dpo was an uninspiring 34. I too was convinced it was chemical, especially after having suffered previous two chemical pregnancies and two blighted ovum -- but here I am six months later with a healthy baby girl on the way!

Keeping my fingers crossed that your beta doubles from another Brooklyn Girl (this one in Ditmas Park -- Park Slope got too expensive.)


Oh, honey. That bites. I'll keep things crossed for another couple days though...


delurking too to wish you the best. and also throw in one of those oh-so-annoying "i too know someone who had a beta of 15 before a postive urine test and her son is now 5 months old". i am truly wishing the very best for you. and an easy class tonight.


I'm sorry.





Have been reading your blog for a while. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I do really hope the numbers double.


I'm so sorry the number isn't higher. But I'm still going to secretly hope for one of those miracle outcomes for you. If anyone deserves one...


I'm sorry. Thinking of you.


Long time lurker, first time poster. Just adding that I, too, am disappointed by your low number. However, I'll be keeping everything crossed until the fat lady is actually singing. Not to get all Pollyanna on you, but hey, stranger things have happened.


Well that really sucks ass. "That road" is no fun. I'm sorry.

Here's hoping you turn into your brother-in-law's best friends wife's cousin.

Take care.

beaver girl

I'm so sorry. That really sucks ass.


I'm so sorry. You'll be in my thoughts.


Sorry to hear signs are not more encouraging and hoping that miracle happens and the number starts to climb.

B. Mare

Oh, shit. Shit, shit shit. I don't know what else to say, except I am so sorry, and I am thinking of you.


Well hearing about such a low number rots. I'm sorry.

lobster girl

Crap, I'm sorry. You must feel rotten. I am still (quietly) hoping for an increase for you on Friday.


That is the worst outcome. The worst. I'm so sorry.


I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you.


Thinking of you.



Oh, no. I'm so very sorry this has to be so damn hard.

Emma Jane

No one ever deserves a "maybe" on something like this, hon. So sorry, and still hoping for the best for you.

Anna H.

Oh Girl, am so so sorry...

We're here with you.



Yep yep yep. Been there, done that. Had 3 chemical pregnancies. Betas were 5, 37, and 37 respectively. BUT dont give up hope yet -- it aint over til its over.


Delurking to say I am sorry. This sucks.


I'm so sorry. Still keeping my fingers crossed, though.


Mostly a lurker, but just wanted to say that I won't add one of those stories, but I will say this. My first IVF I had a 7, which is even lower than yours. And no, there was no miracle, it was a chemical pregnancy. BUT, my doctor said that a "near miss" is a much more positive sign than an outright negative, and should give me some hope for the next time. Now, my next time was an outright negative, so what can I say about that. But the NEXT time after that resulted in my son who is now three years old, and quite darling, and started as an unimpressive 38 at 11dp3dt. And when he was approaching two, and I was approaching 40, I managed, finally, to get a really good beta, a 197 at 10dp4dt, and I now have twins who are nearing their first birthday.

So, I remember when I got my lucky 7, thinking that I was doomed, and that it meant I would never have a baby. And now, I have three.

So, I'm sorry the number is not what you were hoping for, and I hope that you beat the odds, and it works out. But even if it doesn't, it could be a good sign for the future.


Oh for the love of GOD! I'm so sorry, my friend. Chemical pregnancies suck so fucking much. I really, really hope this isn't another one. Thinking of you.


Oh no. I'll wait till Friday, hoping for you.

Miss W

Still crossing my fingers for you. Waiting until Friday.


I'll stay hopeful for you.


Well because I made Hope go on sabbatical (or something like that) I’ll just add - UM, yeah, so like how did your presentation for class go today? But I’ll also keep my fingers crossed ‘till Friday.


Damn, I'm sorry!




The uncertainty is worse than an outright no, and I am sorrier than I can say that you have to face it.


Adding my voice to the chorus--and a bit of hope until tomorrow.


Still hoping it doubles and you get good news. I knoe the next 2 days are going to be torture.


shit shit shit. But still hoping...


Thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way while trying to tie that bitch Hope down and flog her, but she keeps getting the fuck up.Until Friday.


Delurking to say that I have been following your story and recent efforts and I am very, very sorry if it doesn't turn out better than it's starting.


God! I'm so very sorry.


Let's just say, it ain't over til the fat lady sings, and I haven't even started to tune up yet.

I've got it all crossed for you...


As some one above said, the worst possible outcome is a 'maybe', that just sucks. I am so sorry.

I really really really hope you are one of those miracle stories. One can dream......


I'm so sorry.

This totally freakin' sucks. . .


As a beta "13"-er myself last month, I'm so terribly sorry.

This just bites. I'll continue to hold out a bit of hope for you--I know it's hard to do for yourself.


This just completely sucks. I am so, so sorry to hear this news. I hope you are doing OK. Thinking about you.... Heidi


at least you were pregnant, if only for a short while. I just got 30 minutes a big fat absolute negative.
Keep your chin up - you know you can become pregnant now. Maybe next time?


Wish I had words of encuragement myself... But I had a 7 beta or so the Dr claims... at 10dpo... Not sure yet what's going on sense I haven't started to bleed, and I was still geting posatives on pregnaciy tests up untill the one today that shattered my heart when it looked alot less posative then the others... Maybe I was just tryingt o find out waaay to soon. I think I would wrather not know that I have been PG... This crap sucks!!!!

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