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That was a lot to digest. I'm sorry that you seem to be one of the "lucky" few for whom nothing is ever straightforward... Hang in there...

PS Can you believe you went to an OB today?


And here I thought I was the only one who was going around inadvertently adding a year to her age. Seems I picked up the nasty habit 3 years ago when my OB casually mentioned my "advanced maternal age" 4 times during a 5-minute conversation. Perhaps I panicked a bit.

So happy to hear about those flapping little nodules!


Holy. Shit. $575? My private room was only an extra $150 a night. And I had my baby where Rachel had hers on "Friends." Can you ask about early discharge instead? You can go back to your own private house for free.

Let's all think nice, calm, reabsorbing thoughts about the subchorioinic hemorrhage.


575 bucks?! Are you kidding me?! That alone is enough to make me want to have a homebirth. Seriously, please e-mail me and tell me which Hospital around here you're talking about.

I second Moxie's suggestion of nice, calm reabsorbing thoughts. You reabsorb, and I'll try to be nice and calm.


I've got one of those sub...things too. Just waiting for the bleeding to start. However, they do say that they are EXTREMELY common...probably why most of the time, they don't even bother telling you. Nice huh?

I hope the "pelvic rest" (that's what my dr calls it) will do the trick. :)


Sounds like a good (and normal!) first OB appt. Congrats on seeing your normal little bean again.

Sorry about the subchorionic hemmorage, but at least you have a definitive cause for the bleeding. Hopefully it will take care of itself very soon.

My screening was also called an Ultra Screen -- a combo of the NT screening and bloodwork. Glad you will be having it. How many weeks are you now?


Arms and legs are wonderful! Find an outlet for not having sex . . . I suggest white fudge-covered pretzels, which have done the trick for me in the past. (wink) Ice cream is always a cure for anything, too.

Glad to hear all is still progressing!


Warning: Here's a "My sister's best friend's aunt story". But it's just my GF who had a subchorioinic hemorrhage and bled through her first trimester and now she has a very tall 1 year old, walking and talking. Coincidently, she also had IVF. Prayers that it is absorbed and gone very quickly.


Funny, the minute BG said "semi private room" I thought of The One Where Rachel Has A Baby and the revolving door of loonies while she gave birth! I've NEVER heard of semi private birthing rooms - I thought everyone gets a room to their own. ARe you talking post partum rooms or actual delivery rooms? IT's crazy to share your birth experience with someone else! And your insurane won't cover a private room?


Oh, honey, why can't any of us be fucking normal??

Also sending re-absorbing thoughts your way.

Hope your heart begins to settle and you can enjoy this.

And excellent referencing Anne Lamott--my hero!


I didn't even know they still had semi-private rooms for ob patients. All the hospitals in my area only offer private. I guess that's a benefit of living in a small town.

liza charlesworth

When I was pregnant with twins I, too, had a blot clot--a huge one, in fact. I, too, was told to take it VERY easy (which I did). And the epilogue is...the blood clot went away and everything thereafter went dandy. Today, I have two adorable
three-year-olds and another story to tell. Hang in there! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.


Reabsorb! Reabsorb! I'm sorry for the additional wrinkle -- but congratulations on your ob appt. and ultrasound!


That's not a bad deal on the private postpartum room. I think Cornell charges $700, and some of them don't even have river views.


You could probably get a room at the Plaza cheaper than the private hospital room...just something to consider!


Sorry to hear about the clot - take it easy and I hope it reabsorbs quickly so you can at least have some peace and soon. You need it. Hang in there.

But I'm so glad to hear about the flapping nodules! You're PREGNANT...can you believe it?!



Here's to getting some answers on the bleeding, and like everyone else, I'm sending some reabsorbing vibes your way.

Flapping nodules are the best kind, by the way. Congratulations on surviving your first OB appointment!!


Its good to know the reason for the bleeding. Hoping and praying that the subchorionic hemorrhage gets reabsorbed completely.

Also, regarding your last post about advanced maternal age. I am 35 and, if we get pregnant again, I fully plan on refusing an amnio. I do not want the risk and, since there is almost nothing they could fins that would cause me to terminate, I think its useless for me.


Here's hoping that that darned subchorionic hematoma goes away--BE GONE, WICKED CLOT!

About the private room--geez. Some hospitals only have private rooms for postpartum patients, while others have doubles, even triples and quadruples (can you imagine sharing a bathroom with 3 other women who are all bleeding like stuck pigs, like yourself?) No thanks. Pay the extra money, even though it is highway robbery.

The other option (this is my ex-RN insider information)is to make yourself wholly undesireable as a roommate---snore, have loud screaming nightmares, sleepwalk and hover over your roommate's bed looking deranged, better yet, hover over her baby's bassinet, whatever--and try to get yourself moved into a private room by nurse/doctor request. Then the hospital can't charge you (at least they couldn't back when I was working) and they eat the difference. Look, for that kinda money, it's worth a shot, no?


I had a uterine bleed in weeks 7-9 and my conservative RE put me on bed rest for 2 weeks. Of course mine is just an unscientific anecdote, but FWIW the bleed did clear up completely. Lost the baby anyway, but that's another story... I just mention this because when I had the miscarriage anyway I was really relieved to know I'd done everything I possibly could have.
On another note, it's clear that there really are some very cool women afflicted by fertility problems. No sooner do I compare Molly at Greener Pastures to Anne Lamott than I come over here and find her cited! Molly is going to think I just referenced you, but in fact I mentioned AL completely spontaneously.

karla rivera 34 years old

I am 34 years old,I began to bleed yerturday and thought i would loose the baby,but they sent me home with a Subchorionic hemorrhage diadnosis,and today I will see my doctor,I want to thank all who have positive things to say,you sure give me a certain comfort I truly need.I am trying to be confident ,but I am also afraid very afraid THANK YOU !


i am 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant and i was diagnosed with SCH. i had an u/s at 6 weeks and 2 days. i wasnt bleeding before i had the u/s right after the u/s i started bleeding. i did see the heart beat. have any ever was diagnosed with SCH saw the heart beat and still lose the baby

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