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beaver girl

Great news, and sorry you are becoming Executive Platinum in the frequent ultrasound club.

Cat, Galloping

I'm sorry you couldn't get conclusive answers, but how's about all those fabulous extra views of baby? I'd be psyched! :)


Extra views of the baby are great, but seriously...one more visit to the SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERIOUS ultrasound machine...that's priceless, my dear.

Glad to hear all looked well, and hoping for much the same at the Level III.


I know the frustration of having to come bsck all too well...you just want to be cleared already - given the two thumbs up when you're forced to wait yet again to make sure it's all okay. I too, have racked up quite a few ultrasound frequent flier miles and have had a heart-pounding moment or two while there. I'm glad to hear you got a nice, chatty tech this time- it can make all the difference in the world. And yes, the third time will be the charm. Hang in there.


Sorry to hear you need to go in for so many ultrasounds. I think I had frequent ultrasound miles. I had one every week from 5-10 weeks with the infertility doctors and then again every week from 22 weeks on. My story is being put on my blog now. We kept a photo album of Phoebe's ultrasounds. I think now I'd be afraid to have a pregnancy without so many.


Frequent flyer indeed. Hoping the next ultrasound gives you some concrete answers.

Sounds like there is a really good chance this project will have a happy conclusion. Yah.


Hang in there, sweetie. I wish this could be easier for you.


The baby is waving, wondering "what the hell is everyone doing HERE again? I am fine!" :-)


Have I mentioned that I know my ultrasound tech? i.e. I could recognize him in a crowd? I had so many ultrasounds (something like 8+) in my two pregnancies that I got to know him. I think they were actually assigning him to me repeatedly so that they could get consistent scanning, which was pretty cool.



Don't you love nice ultrasound techs. They make all the difference. I'm so glad you got to see that little hand!

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