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The kids going to blame you for everything...might as well start now :)


Oh yeah, I remember that. My kid kicked the living daylights out of me whenever they did that. And at six months old she still jumps and cries at loud noises. Bad nurse. Bad.


Ahh, the non-stress test. How much I don't miss my twice weekly date with the machine. One tip (possibly assvice, but hey it might help) drink some cold water and/or eat a small snack just before the test. Worked like a charm on my daughter - we never once had the buzzer. The NST's will get more routine as you go along - even boring.


Wait they call this a non-stress test? Irony anyone? Perhaps you can soften the blow by banging pots and pans round your belly before each appointment. Then the project really can blame it all on momma.


When I went into pre-term labor and they were trying to get a good view of my son on the u/s the doctor ended up banging on his head with the wand to try to get him to move it for a clearer view. I was too shocked to say anything. Plus being punched with a wand in the abdomen kind of knocked the wind out of me. Those people are twisted, I tell you.


For my first Level 2 U/S the tech couldn't get a good view of one of the heart chambers. She had me rolling on my left, rolling on my right..all the while calling the baby a "Stubborn kid."

"C'mon stubborn kid, move already." "Stubborn kid, just a little to the left." I felt as though she was cursing my future before I even had a chance to deal with it.

When none of that worked she started violently jiggling my stomach/uterus. I mean I was brusied the next day it hurt so bad. I wanted to take the u/s and shove it up her... but I didn't.

I haven't bought the bedding yet either. But since you have been so brave I think I will have to follow suit.

Cat, Galloping

Heh. Giggling over here. (People in the next cube must be wondering why.) Do you get to SEE the baby at the NST as well or just hear/monitor?


Im curious, do some doctors order NST on a routine basis? The only women I know who have had them, had them for some a specific reason (babys movement slowed down ect...) Or did I miss something and there is a specific reason?


I'm so glad to see things are going so well. I bought our crib yesterday and it FREAKED ME OUT!
I'm so happy for you, but poor kid with that crazy noise. ;)

Brooklyn Girl

Bridget--Not assvice at all, but I did eat and drink before the appointment to no avail. In this heat, I don't blame the kid for sleeping.

Amie--The NSTs are because of my thrombophilia (Factor V) which carries a risk of placental infarction.


Okay, even though I have been reading your blog for awhile, I didn't know about that. Thanks for clearing that up.


Um, not sure how to tell you this, but i think you are having a baby. GO BUY STUFF, ASSHOLE!! or else i am taking that buzz thingy and sticking it up your, well you know where.

Brooklyn Girl

Ah, Tertia....tellin' it like it is. =>

Rayne of Terror

One time they just left me there and the machine ran out of paper so I decided the NST was over and wandered out into the reception area with my belly strapped up. We had a laugh. I always had them turn out the lights so I could relax. It's so nice to lie there listening to the baby's heart beat.

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