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Miss W

Wow...I really can't believe the time has gone this fast!

I can see that it must be off-putting (to say the least) to have your doctor suddenly spring on you the idea of induction in just! two! weeks! Though 38 weeks is past the point where the little one would be considered pre-term and things (knock wood) should be just fine.

Thinking of you as you wrap your mind around the thought of having your baby so soon. (On the other hand, even without induction, it is highly possible that you could end up with a birth by then anyway). Congratulations on the impending arrival and I will be thinking of you as you make the decision as to when exactly the time will be.


Just wondering what it is exactly that worries you so much about the possible induction? Is it the thought that:

a)holy shit this is really going to happen now!
b)is 38 weeks long enough?
c)I’ve heard that labor pains related to induction are NO FUN!

If it’s a and/or c hey I hear ya. I’m sure I’m going to be the one at labor and delivery thinking of all the things that need to be done before this baby gets born, but I also think that it’s a very common concern/worry. And of my top 2 concerns related to actually giving birth an episiotomy or tearing along with needing to receive pitocen (sp?) in order to speed up or induce labor are right up at the top of my list. One of my very best BF’s has 3 boys and for her second she needed pitocen, she claims of all her children this labor was the worst.

If you’re concerned about b, well if it makes you feel any better I was born just shy of 35 weeks, my brother just shy of 37 weeks, we both grew up big and strong.


Wow! That is SOON! I found your blog at the very start of your pregnancy and can't believe it is almost here. In 2 weeks! I have enjoyed following you at every step. And especially look forward to this next one. I'll be thinkin of you...


I also agree, it feels like we just learned you were pregnant!

In terms of inducing you 2 weeks early, I am all for it. Just my opinion, but nothing good comes out of waiting for a baby to decide when it wants to come if the lungs are already developed. They run out of room and that freaks me out, kind of like all your worries on your last post. :-) Plus, we are all living vicariously through you, so hurry up! (hehehehe)


If it really scares you, try to bargain for another week. Yes, 38 weeks is cooked, but the baby will probably nurse a little better and go a little longer between feedings (at night when it really counts) if you can get an extra few days out of the doctor. And it might give you a chance to go into labor on your own. Especially if you walk a lot and have a ton of sex.

Ha! Ha ha! Ha ha hahahahahahaha! (That's me laughing evilly at my mention of 9-months pregnant sex in this heat.)

But seriously, the baby's gonna come out sometime. If the doctor really doesn't want you to go past 38 weeks it'll all be fine and the baby will come out healthy and your pregnancy will be over and you'll be able to sleep on your stomach again.


I love Anne's comment... as if *any* labor pains could be called fun...

but seriously, my daughter (now age 5) was induced at 37 weeks. and yeah, Pitocin sucks, but since that's the only labor I've ever had, I have no clue how it compares to labor without Pitocin. But it's survivable, so you'll be fine. Once things get going, tell them to let you wallow in the bathtub for a while. It takes the edge off the pain.

You're almost there! How fabulous!


How exciting the babe is nearly here!


I may be reading too much into this, but I see you say 38 weeks OR 2 weeks from now. That's an interesting range. I wonder if your doctor's vacation plans might be an issue?

It's quite common for modern OB's to assume that their patients would prefer for the OB selected by the patient to attend their birth, rather than the one covering. Many OB's thus induce their patients right before a vacation or even start them up the night before "their day" if they work in a group practice where one is at the hospital and the others have office hours.

If you agree that you would rather have your OB, and she is on vacation next week, then induction could be the right choice for you.

The induction rate at my hospital in Manhattan is about 40%, and very few of these are for "medical" indications.


Aha, I re-read your post and now I think maybe you're 36 weeks NOW, so 38 weeks IS 2 weeks from now. You're not making a choice on the date.

In any case, you wouldn't be the only woman being induced that day; it's not an unusual thing to do. It wouldn't be my personal choice, and it does take longer, and it is more painful, and it sometimes doesn't work. Good luck!


Here in europe they don't like to induce birth because they feel it gives, in a normal pregnancy, a bit higher risk of complications.

But then again I live in a countrie in wich 30 % of babies arive in their own homes..

I went over due time 15 days the first time and a week the second. I think that for my children 38 weeks would've been a bit young to be born allready.. It's a difficult decission. I think I would go back and ask the doc precicely why he wants to do this. What are the benefits what are the risks and what data does he have to back this... (Or she of course)

This is what I did when doctors didn't want to induce and I was convinced and trusted them wich is really import in giving birth, i think..

Take care and hope you do catch up on some sleep!


My doctor was one who wanted every birth to be an induced birth. At my 36 week visit she was angry with me for not wanting to set an induction date right then.

I don't think 38 weeks is bad; face it, plenty of babies show up at 38 weeks under their own steam. If it would give you peace of mind to have an end date, then go for it. If you are concerned that your doctor is pushing you for a reason that is not good for your baby, then go with that.

I don't know anything about Factor V; is it worthy of a scheduled c-section? That has it's own appeal, because it's fast and you wouldn't have any of the uncertainties of an induced labor. I've always kind of thought that a c/s after an induction that didn't go is the worst of both worlds in terms of the effect on the mom. But, you can't know for sure going in how an induction will work for you.

Good luck with everything!!!


FWIW, I was induced four weeks early -- just where you're at with your pregnancy -- since I had a history of recurrent miscarriage, thombophilia, and was considered preeclamptic. To be honest, I was completely relieved to have a happy ending to my saga within sight -- and more importantly, within my control. My OB suggested the induction. She thought that, if we were to push my pregnancy too long, the dangers of complications outweighed the positives for the baby. And pitocin or no, I had a totally positive birth experience, with very little pain. And this was with forty hours of labor.

One suggestion: since I knew that medical intervention was likely in my situation, I took a wonderful course at Real Birth, which is located in Manhattan. It's called Birth Preparation with Epidural - the instructor was fabulous, and she gave us all the possible scenerios we could expect with an induced labor. This enabled us to make the choices we wanted in our labor. For example, I knew that there was no reason that I had to have an IV until I was ready for the pitocin or epidural (usually many hours into the induced labor). But most hospitals will give you one as soon as you're admitted. Not having an IV enabled me to eat and drink and move around more easily.

Oh, and my baby was totally healthy, beautiful, and alert! Our joy at finally holding her after so long, and so many tries, was overwhelming.

Wishing you all the best for you and your little one, from another brooklyn girl....


Wow! I'm so excited that the baby is almost here! As long as you're OK with a c/s, then I say go for it. 3 of my GFs that were induced ended up having a c/s. I had one too. Certainly not fun but it had a beautiful outcome who's now 3.5!

Mia C.

***Assvice alert***
I'd ask questions, but a 38 week induction is no big deal. Of course, it won't feel like no big deal when you are there:)
*Put off the IV as long as possible. Being immoble sucks.
*When you ask for the epidural, ask for an immediate shot of Stadol while you wait. The anesthesiologist is always busy.
*After your water breaks or is broken you will sit and leak until delivery. No one told me that.
*Pitocin contractions are hard on the baby, this is what leads to C-sections.
I knew the signs of the impending C-section fairly well. First, they gave me oxygen. Then the doctor came in and asked me to roll over on my left side. Then he asked me to roll over on my right side. I knew what was going on. Then we were off to delivery with a beautiful baby boy...
It'll be great, interventions or not. And frankly, if I'd had to wait two more weeks, I think I would have exploded.


Delurking just to share my experience.
I was induced at 38 weeks and had a GREAT experience. They gave me a pill at 11 am, started pitocin drop at 12.30 pm and my daughter was born at 3 pm after 3 pushes and NO pain (thank you epidural!). Granted, she was small, but she came home with me the next day and everyone was happy.


I agree with the above poster who mentioned being ready for a c-section just in case. The section rate for inductions is higher, and I believe the earlier you induce the higher the risk for a section because the cervix just might not be ready. Two of my friends who were induced just would not dilate. I would probably do it if I had the same medical issue as you.


Honestly, I think the #1 thing to remember when you're pg and having a baby is that an informed decision is ALWAYS a good/correct decision. When you know the risks and benefits of your decisions, and WHY your Doc is asking you to do something, or not do something, you'll be in good shape! Don't be afraid to ask questions, even if you think it will make things a little uncomfortable. A little discomfort in the Doctor's office is better than second-guessing yourself afterwards! So ask WHY they want to induce at 38 weeks specifically, what the risks of inducing at that time are, and what the alternatives are, if any. If there's no difference between induction at 38, 39 or even 40 weeks for you, you might want to wait a little longer. I agree that lots of babies are ready to come before 40 weeks, but just as many are not and every extra day they can "cook", the better. If your baby is ready to come before you're induced, you'll know 'cuz you'll go into labor on your own! =)


Ditto to all the induction may lead to c/s (as happened to me.) But I was happy with my outcome, which was a healthy BIG baby at 39 weeks.

I was two weeks early, my sister two weeks late. Her babies were both 2 weeks early. This is no big deal.


Delurking to *deliver* some assvice-
I have a 5 mo old son. I woke up one morning & my water broke. I was 34wks, 2 days. they induced me, using Pitocin, and 9 hrs later i had a beautiful baby in the ICN. he was fine, just there for observation.

1- you cannot eat after the start the Pitocin drip. ask your doctor what the latest time you can eatis, then eat a ton. Pitocin usually causes a long labor. mine was not especially difficult until 5 hrs into the Pitocin drip. then i asked for an Epidural. If you are going to have an epidural, Let EVERYONE know. they will make sure the anestesiologist(sp?) is 'around'.

2- Pitocin is hard, on you. It is painful. But it is V. effective. my son had NO distress because of the Pitocin.

3- there is an upside to delivering an 'early' baby- they are usually smaller! ( mine was 4 lbs. and he was HEALTHY! he's now 15 lbs)

4- at 38 wks you will MOST LIKLEY be going home the next day- but, If you are especially worried, ask to tour the ICN when you get there- before induction. The ladies in my ICN were wonderful!

*ICN- Intensive Care Nursery

YOu will make the choice that is right for you. In my experiance, induction was not awful. it wasn't great, but how may women have you heard say- OH- I just LOVED Labor!

Good luck!


ASSVICE.. sorry.
I was induced early as well... twice. Spent two whole days on pitocin, contracting, but not progressing. They sent me home for 2 days, and had me come back in. 1 more full day on pitocin, dialated enough to break my water, and she was born 3 hours later. If I had it to do all over again, there is NO WAY IN HELL I would be induced. It was physically and mentally draining, and CLEARLY my daughter was NOT ready to be born. I mean really, 3 FULL DAYS on pitocin before SLIGHT dialation and water breakage. When you're hooked to to the "drip" you are double monitered on your belly ( itchy monitors) and hooked up to that machine, then you have the IV drip cart with you.. making even trips to the bathroom a big production. VERY HARD to walk around to get those contractions going when your're wired to half the hospitol. Then, when they broke my water, that was it for getting out of bed. Gushing everywhere, can't stand up to walk or bounce on the ball ( unless you're willing to make one heck of a mess)
Luckily, I had a great epidural guy... painless application, LIGHT epidural so it just took the edge off, making pushing VERY productive, and my labor from that point on easy.
I don't know about your condition, and induced labor wasn't the WORST that could happen, but it was SO FAR AWAY from what I imagined my daughters birth to be. In the end, though, in my opinion, the longer baby gets to cook in the safe clean environment of mommies belly, the happier and healthier the baby will be when he gets to the world outside... and when birthing, a 6 pound baby hurts JUST as much as a 9 pound one.. Once your body gets to the "this hurts " point, it doesn't matter how much past that point you go... it still hurts.


If it's for medical reasons, I say go for it. It makes sense. As an added bonus, you might not get those nasty stretchmarks that like to pop out post 38 weeks.

Good luck!


38 weeks is considered full-term. Normally babies develop an adequate sucking, rooting reflex at 34-35 weeks gestation, so feeding isn't usually a problem. Lots of babies come on their own at 38 weeks. (full term is considered 40 weeks plus or minus 2 weeks.)


I am terrified of labor!! Good luck with the induction thing


I have antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, which I think carries some issues similar to Factor V. I was having weekly ultrasounds after 32 weeks, along with twice-weekly NSTs. The u/s showed my baby was a good size, so I was comfortable with induction at 38.5 weeks (she was 8 lbs. 13 oz.; they said if I'd gone to term she would have been 10 lbs). For me, any risks posed by induction paled in comparison with the risks of going too long. But obviously, it's a very individual decision, based on the facts of your case and your own feelings. I agree that an informed decision is the best one.

I can't believe it's almost time! Doubling up my prayers for you.


I see great advice here regarding weighing pros/cons with your doctor and making an informed choice. When choices are informed, patients are happy. People are more likely to consider their experience unhappy if they feel it was unncessary.

That said, just wanted to point out that while I understand and value the comfort inherent in not having to poke your belly and jump up and down for kicking baby reassurance that all is well, the night terrors don't go away once baby is on the outside. They just turn into a whole new list of night terrors. I've been told they don't go away once baby is X yrs old, either, but just continue to change in nature. Welcome to parenthood!


Hi. Trust your doctors. They've gotten you this far, they can take you to the end.

I was induced at 38 weeks and had a fast, not-too-painful labor. The baby had a little trouble breathing at first but was fine, never taken to the NICU or anything.

But it's all anecdotal, you know? Some people have a terrible time with induction, some have a great time, you have no idea what yours will be like. Just figure that the doctors have reasons, and they're probably good ones, and let it happen.

Hang in there. And congratulations!


Oh my 2 weeks! So close. Good luck with the decision making process.


Wow, from one preggo to another--that's a tough decision. Has your dr. walked you through the pros and cons of each option? I'm due today and this is the first time I haven't been about a week or two early with a baby's birth (out of all two kids I've already had, LOL). I'm pretty sure I don't want to induce unless there's a compelling medical reason, but we'll see how I feel if I'm still pregnant in another two weeks!


>I love Anne's comment... as if >*any* labor pains could be called >fun...

LOL, actually I was thinking about my BF’s husband. I was over at her house and she was regaling me with her labor and delivery stories (as you do when you talk to a first time pregnant lady) and when she was talking about her experiences with getting induced her husband kept adding in, “oh that wasn’t fun! I remember that, no fun.” I guess it stuck.


I considered induction at 38 weeks because I have an abnormal pelvis, and there was some thought that I would have a better chance of a vaginal delivery if the baby stayed small. (Fast-forwarding to the end, I had a successful vaginal delivery of an 8lb, 4oz girl at 41 weeks.)

The women on the newsgroup misc.kids.pregnancy introduced me to something called the Bishop's Score - http://www.amazingpregnancy.com/pregnancy-articles/173.html - which is an index of how likely induction is to be successful, based on cervical conditions and other pregnancy factors. Apparently, early induction is often not successful for a first baby, unless the cervix is already very very ripe. Looking at that information, I decided not to try.

This is not to say that I don't think you should have an induction, just that you should think in terms of a much higher likelihood of C-section if you try an induction before your cervix is ready. That might well be worth it, in your case, but you might also want to talk to your doctor about whether induction is still the recommendation if you have a low Bishop's score.

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