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There seems to always be something. AAGGHH!!! BTW, I love your blog! It's a little poignant for me because I also found out I was pregnant in early February but I'm not anymore, so I root for you instead. Way to go and may you continue to surmount and leave in the dust all the silly hurdles to a happy pregnancy and baby.


Assvice forthcoming ….. step away from the computer! Abandon Google at all costs.

Yeah right who am I kidding I do the same thing. I’ve just gotta go with the feeling that things will turn out okay.


I Googled the crap out of "antiphospholipid antibody syndrome" which also carries a risk of IUGR until the minute my husband pried me away from the computer to go to the hospital to have my daughter. Who weighed 8 lbs. 13 oz. at 38 weeks.

Step away from the Google, is all I'm saying.

Sounds like you, too, have a nice healthy chubby babe. I'm sorry you have to have anything to unnerve you as you come into the home stretch. As always, I'm praying things will continue to go well for you.


It sure is.

I'm glad you're back, though.


I so understand your feelings. My latest - being terrified because of lack of movement, only to have him kick me almost non-stop the next day.

My friends, husband, OB and finally my head DR. all ordered me to stop reading and Googling. (in that order)

It is easier said than done.


I am living breathing, nearly 35 year old proof that a 2 vesseled umbillical cord ain't no thang.



Unfortunately the new laptop won't make Dr. Google any more reliable. Continuing to root for the project and very happy to hear that all seems well for the time being. Cute waving and kicking sounds wonderful indeed.

Sarah L

I neglected to mention that a two chambered umbilical cord has imbued me with a smaller than average belly button, much admired in these belly concious days...


My SIL's friend had her SUA baby last weekend and all is well. A little small around 6lbs but perfect otherwise.


Hi, I just stumbled across your site. I was just diagnosed with an SUA today as well. Of course I am freaked out about it but hopefully it means nothing for me. I am having my level 2 ultrasound tomorrow to take a closer look. Its nice to see some reassuring comments here though!

Nanny Trisha

Please keep us abreast of the Single Umbilical Artery. My daughter is 30 weeks pregnant and has the same diagnosis and the same attitude from her doctor. When I "google" it scares me to death!


Hi, I too, have just been diagnosed with 2 vessel umbilical cord. I have had one level II ultrasound but go back next week for another one because they were unable to see her face and all of the heart due to the way she was laying.. There is such scary stuff on the internet! I am glad to run across such a refreshing site..


Hi - I have also just been diagnosed with two vessel umbilical cord and have managed to scare the hell out of myself by Googling ... must stop now that I have come across this reassuring page! Our 19wk scan showed no other fetal abnormalities, which is encouraging, but we have another scan next week to doublecheck. Scary stuff. Goodluck to all of us and hopefully we all have healthy bubs soon!


Wow, this is the most comments about SUA that I've found in one spot...I wish everyone would write again and tell me how their babies did. I am 33 weeks and my baby has no other abnormalities, either. He is 4 1/2 lbs. right now, which seems to be normal.
I'm supposed to have a home birth, and I'm terrified of being told - after the birth - that it wasn't a good idea. But, so far, I haven't found any reason to not go through with the home birth.
PLEASE, if you have any scary info that would help me make a more informed decision about this, let me know!!


I found out earlier this week that at 20 weeks I also have an SUA. I'm not going in for my detailed ultrasound till may 4th cause they want to wait and check the growth progress. The wait is killing me! Since i don't know if anything else is wrong or not, although growth was measured on schedule so far.


Amazing! I have been searching for a site like this for about a month and a half now. My baby was diagnosed with SUA in early November. Along with that scary news, we also found out that we were carrying twins at 19 weeks, and that one baby had passed about four weeks prior, and that also carries risks for the baby that is still living. So much information to take in at one time; the loss of one baby, and the other baby's umbilical cord is not normal, which may lead to a myriad of complications! Fortunately though, we've been able to get through it ok. Baby A is growing just fine, heart and brain look perfectly normal, and amnio came back with a clean slate! My younger sister had a baby last night who is absolutely perfect...I couldn't help but come on here and find some support and HOPE that my baby will turn out the same!


Hi Gang,
I just got back from the doctor for my 20 week ultrasound and they told me that I had a single unit artery...
I'm freakin out.....
They told me not to worry because everything seemed normal at this stage and they will keep me coming back for another ultrasound in 4 weeks. How could you not freak out.....

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