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De-lurking to say hello, and to send sympathy: I lived Philadelphia for a while, and it wasn't just the heat. (My friend from California used to look at the steam coming up from the subway grates and say that it was all a big conspiracy....) Even now that I'm much further up north, out of the city, close enough to the ocean to theoretically get a nice sea breeze, it's like you're describing: temperatures that should be perfectly reasonable, but air you could wring out like a sponge, making everything in the house damp. So, here's wishing you more comfortable weather, and a good strong air conditioner.


I am one borough over in Queens and seriously feeling your pain...Let us hope Con Ed can handle us!!! I love the sir conditioner person...I despise the elevator people since mine is broken today of all days.

Cat, Galloping

I know. Can't even call it AIR anymore. It's like walking through soup. Or living in a tropical rain forest. And the sudden downpours do nothing to alleviate the heaviness. Is this a miserable summer or what?


I know. It's so hot today that I can actually see the heat, er, pollution.


Living in the tropics you think I’d be somewhat use to the heat and humidity and you sorta do but it’s still HOT here too and I don’t give birth until late October (what the hell was I thinking scheduling my FET when I did?). If I’m lucky things will start to cool off just a bit in mid October, but I feel for you girls in the big city. My BF has been living in NYC for the past 10 years and she tells me it so much worse there. At least here in we’ve got the beach, the trade winds, and for the most part it’s like this year round. There are no dramatic changes in temperature or humidity here so it’s not like I’m having to deal with comfortable temps one week then BAM! hot and sweaty the next. All year round it’s just a gradual increase in heat and humidity with a few really hot days thrown in for good measure than a gradual decrease to more comfortable conditions.

Don’t know about you gals but whenever I venture away from the a/c I start to sweat in the most unladylike place, ick!


Tell me about it.. it's not any better in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, either...

There are waves of ... er... something ... wafting across the black top. The mountains towards the MD/PA border line are shrouded in a thick whitish mucky stuff -- you can't even see them.

And the thunderstorms we've been having DAILY don't even bring any relief.

The world must be coming to an end.

It's just gross.


My friend says it's like walking around in someone's armpit.

Brooklyn Girl

Moxie--That's it exactly.


Relief should be one the way. 29 wks pregnant in Central PA and feeling your heat pains. I scurry from building to building to keep from passing out. It just started storming in the center of the state, which is suppose to be the beginning of a cool down or at least a break in the humidity.


Feeling your pain with you. It's like swimming to work in hot butter.

All hail Willis Haviland Carrier - The Father of Cool.


Ditto from Chicago.


You said it. I can't wait til summer is over and it is usually my favorite time of year. This is just disgusting.


I can totally relate. I live in NJ and it has been like walking around in a bowl of soup. Not to mention the fact that I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am teaching in a non-airconditioned building where all the kids smell. :) Ugh. :) Praying for less humidity (at least I got my hair back in a ponytail today)


It's not that bad. I delivered both my boys in the "sunnyside up" position. I think thats the only way they would fit through my pelvis. #1 6lb 9ounces - piece of cake. #2 8lbs 14 ounces - not so much cake - lots of pushing, but my sphincter is still intact! Get the epidural! Good luck!


I hate to outdo you but we're at 108 degrees and 55% humidity. At least I'm not 35 weeks pregnant, but I'm glad that you are.

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