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that is all.


You know there is absolutely no help for it newborns are scary! I’ve been around a lot of little ones and a fair share of them have been newborns and no matter how many times I hold one I’m ALWAYS terrified I’m going to break them or something. They are so floppy and small and precious, who knew somebody so small could inspire so much terror. I can only hope that when the time comes to actually take one home to live with 24/7 that you get use to it. If not I’m in trouble myself.


Awww, don't worry. As long as you remember to support the baby's head and don't cover the face up with the blanket, you'll be fine.


You will be fine. The first few days are a little unnerving, but I am sure you will ease right into it. You will still be in the hospital anyway so if you have any problems you have people that can help you out. After a week you will be able to swaddle and change a diaper with your eyes closed.

Good luck, and I hope these next two weeks fly by and are stress free.


You'll be fine. Support the head, "Back to Sleep", the rest the nurses at the hospital can help you with if you have any questions.


If you've ever wrapped a burrito, you know how to swaddle.


We have the swaddleme and the miracle blanket. Miracle blanket is ohso much tighter. www.miracleblanket.com. Along with the battery recharger, it's my favorite baby thingy.

As soon as we got home from the hospital, I looked at the kid and thought, "what the hell do we do now?" It just sort of comes to you.


Another RAVE for the Amazing Miracle Blanket. It's easy to use, stays put on my squirmy little one, and he sleeps like a dream in it. I tried regular blankets, SwaddleMe, and another specially designed swaddle blanket with velcro (it was either made by Carters or First Years) and none of them touch the POWER of the AMB. LoveLoveLove it!!!


Not like I've had one, but I've babysat a lot and newborns are hardier than people think.

You'll be fine. Promise.


Cecily's right - they are much hardier than you'd think. Much. Thank goodness. You will be fine, you really will.

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