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I felt the same way 8 weeks ago. If you really want the prenancy and thus the baby you will do anything to be a good parent. Trust yourself and listen to your gut. You really do know what is best for your child.


Love that baby (which I know you will and do) and the rest will come. I was scared to death when mine came home, but it all fell into place. Plus, you've got lots of people to ask questions. :)


The dirty little secret about motherhood is that everybody sometimes believes that they are deeply horrible mothers and that all the other moms have it completely together. Some moms, mean ones, will cultivate that feeling in you when you're feeling most vulnerable. But you love this baby and you're going to do just fine. Hang in there.


OK, no assvice. Just best wishes to you, you will be a great mother! Childless, but I think the secret to a great life is a love of reading...know you can impart that!

Thanks for the update, I'd been wondering about you.


I have 6 weeks to go and last night my skin pitched and rolled like it was covering a bag of snakes. It freaked me out. The realization of a child inside me is some times more than I can process.


I am so excited that your baby is almost here. It's been a long journey, but it will have been so worth it in the end.
My best,

P.S. Please don't be a stranger on the old board -- we all miss you!!


Don't worry--it's perfectly normal in our culture for the first newborn a woman ever holds to be her own. And the babies survive our fumblings. They're really quite sturdy.

My first child never spent any time in her lovingly equipped nursery. We moved out before she got out of our bed. We used the crib to store all of the stuffed animals we were given as gifts. Does that count as critters living in there?


The fact that you worry and wonder makes you already a great mom. Wishing you the best while you become more than you ever imagined.


I’ve called my little one the “tapeworm” for a good part of this pregnancy, I was always soooo hungry during the first tri, but in the past several weeks I’ve switched to calling him “alien”. I haven’t been seeing too much in the way of movement yet but frequently I’ll be sitting around and see out of the corner of my eye a portion of my belly do a quick bulge where it’s been kicked/punched – it’s all very strange and still strikes me as unreal that I’m actually pregnant. I think it freaks people out when I use terms such as tapeworm or alien in reference to my child, in a way I guess those nickname represent a bit of disconnect/unreality on my part (also a bit of superstition, I’ve been a bit afraid to fall in love with him just yet) so I think I’ll start calling him Jackie Chan Jr. instead. As far as actual mothering goes I get a bit freaked out/overwhelmed as well but I think it a really good sign when mothers feel this way. You know if you weren’t concerned about actually being a good mother you wouldn’t have those fears, so having those fears = actually being a good/concerned mother.

BTW because I can’t count at the moment how closes are you? Any day now? Wishing you, the baby, and your husband the best.


I am sure you will be a fabulous mother, in fact I am sure you already are. And I second what another poster said above--they really are quite sturdy. I dropped my baby brother twice and he turned out splendidly...

Cat, Galloping

Feel exactly the same way! About the alien inside me and about wondering what kind of mother I'll be.

I watch other moms and try to remember bits and pieces of what I like about their styles. On Saturday I watched a friend let her kids climb up the door jams, and on Sunday I watched my sister tell her son that if he jumped off the counter himself (she'd put him up there to clean him up), he could crack his head. I'd LIKE to be the more laid-back mom, but I SUSPECT I'll be the one seeing ever-present dangers of head cracking. I'm risk-averse like that.

But mostly I'm dying of curiosity to find out what my son will be like-- I know I have only a limited amount of influence over this and I can't wait to discover his personality!

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