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Well, I'm not a big fan of inductions, but I was a fingertip dialated and only about 50% effeced when my water broke. 15 hours later with no labor and no change, I was induced. The pit sucked but we made it through with no section(did have the epi though). the day before my water broke my OB told me he was pretty sure he'd see me at my appointment the next week. So I hope something gets you going soon.

Good Luck! I hope it's soon. And Easy!


Oy! But at least you're ready. If you want something to do, you might want to cook some meals to keep in the freezer for afterwards.


Uggg. Yuck. But hey, remember that you can go from nothing to all quickly (or slowly, fine, but it can also go quick). I was 1 cm dilated and not too effaced the morning they decided to induce, and that night when I checked in I was dilated nearly 5 cms all on my lonesome. So you never know.
Hoping it happens sooner rather than later!


We are looking at a possible induction too, and I am hoping that things get moving along naturally. I'm only a week or so behind you, but I don't have the car seat in yet, or the onesies washed.

I think I better get crackin'

Hoping the next few weeks fly by for you and that maybe things will get moving along...you know there are some ;) things ;) you can do to help the process ;)


Also hoping the next few weeks go quickly for you. I can't believe it's almost time.


I bet you $5 you go into labor next week on your own after all of that.


Since we are sharing...My water broke in the locker room at work the 9 other women in there freaked out which struck me as odd but anyway, It was 8-5-02 an when I got to the hospital (4:30 pm) I was the famous fingertip!!(Whose fingertip are we going by anyway???) So I got cervadil...12 hours later still a fingertip...so I got more cervadil...12 hours later STILL a fingertip but soft!!! So at 11 pm on 8-6 they took me to L & D gave me pit and an epi (not in that order I insisted on epi first because I am a chicken) so at midnight I was pain free and the pit was pumping...at 4:30 am I was ready to push and then at 5:21 am on 8-7-02 I had my wee little Grace Cara!! So it was not how I had planned but the end result was beautiful although she is driving me crazy as I type this LOL!!! I will be thinking of you on Sunday as I celebrate her big 3 and I am just so happy that after all the these weeks and all of the NBHHY moments for you that you are in the final stretch.

For the record this is the longest comment I have ever left anywhere I am a serious lurker!


I don't know if they do this in America but if you get to your duedate you could ask them to be a little less carefull in the cervix examination. I can't think of an english term for this but Here it's a known prcedure to try to start birth on it's own. It helped here. One half centimeters dilated and a beautifull son the very next day!


Good luck. And I'm voting for August 22nd, my DH's birthday. That's the end of Leo and almost beginning Virgo. Gotta love Leos - as I like to tease my DH on what I read about Leos, "God-like and worthy to be loved!" LOL.

BTW, when they had to put me on pitocin after my contractions started fizzling out, it gave me a metal taste in my mouth that was just nasty. The nurse said she had never heard that before, but they let someone get me some mint candies to suck on, as I thought the metal taste was going to make me throw up.


mijk, they call it "stripping membranes" here. I had it done twice with my first one, and it didn't do anything except hurt, so even that's not a foolproof method.

BG, just make sure you're staying hydrated in this heat. Alternate water and Gatorade. Because dehydration can start labor but it's long, nasty, not-going-anywhere labor that will leave you really exhausted and last for days.


Here here to ready-ish-ness! Hoping the next few weeks move quickly.


I've never heard of a metal taste in the mouth from Pitocin, but it's a very common side effect of epidural anesthesia.

Don't worry about being 1 cm before you're even in labor. Your cervix will open when the time is right. And despite what current American obstetrical practice with induction would lead one to beleive, every baby does eventually decide it's time to be born.


I can't believe you're already a few weeks away! I'm very excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it.
Take care.


Sending sympathy- the last few weeks were the hardest for me. I hope you're not too uncomfortable-but I do see the discomfort as God's way of making you not worry about labor because you're just so sick of being pregnant pretty much anything sounds like a good idea. Hmmm. It's possible that I am sounding a little less upbeat than intended...


Moxy! thanks for the term. So annoying wanting to say somtthing and don't have the words. it is actually called almost the same in Dutch. It isn't foolproof I know but it felt good to be doing something to avoid the inductioon and well it worked. According to my midwives is is never proven it works but the statistics in their practice were good enough to keep doing it.


I am waiting with BATED BREATH!

From New PG MAMA!


Just remember that an induction is so much easier if you are already dilated. I was told by my ob at 33 weeks and 2 cm dilated that she did not think there was any way I would go to term. I walked around for 7 damn weeks thinking that I would go into labor at any minute - I had everything ready. I was induced at 40 weeks exactly -hmph.


Just checking in to see how you're doing, and to let you know I've been thinking of you. I'm sure the heat and all the waiting has been very trying. I hope that you're able to get at least a LITTLE comfortable right now, and are passing the time o.k.

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