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Oy, Slope parking is truly a nightmare. Glad the car was not towed or stolen. You are so close now, wishing you the best and soon.

Sarah L

I'm so glad it actully wasn't towed or something. I hear mommy brain is quite real. My cousin is 15 weeks pregnant, and has already lost the ability to say the words that are on the tip of her tounge.

Keep us updated!

Kristin / Intrepid Murmurings

Ha, made me laugh, though I realize it was not so funny at the time! And wow....you are getting there (whether it feels like that or not)! I will be checking obsessively in the following days and/or weeks....


Ugh alternate side parking. My husband always forgets where he parks the car and it annoys me to no end!!! Parking over here in Queens sucks too!


I'm obsessed with how people in the city, with children take cabs....do you need to carry your car seat everywhere? are there universal carseats in the trunk? fill me inplease and end my nights of tossing and turning as I dwell on this issue.


38 weeks. Wow. Not as nigh as some but nigh. I'm sending you good and easy labour vibes for when the time comes :)


AS parking-ugh.We're in Manhattan, and my husband refused to get a car until we got a parking place in our co-op's garage (ok, we're on the roof of the garage, but whatever).

Yep, that sounds like pregnancy brain. It turns into mommy brain, which is slightly less severe.

BTW, are you going to take a cab to the hospital?? If you do, just stand behind a car or something while your husband flags one. Our cab driver was WAAAAAY less than thrilled to have a woman in labor in the backseat of his cab. But tough %^&^! :-)


as a fellow slope parker, i have often lost my car. i've walked to where i think it is and it's not. or, worse, have absolutely no recollection of where i've parked it. and i don't even think we should discuss parking tickets.


So laughing at this post. Your brain comes back. I promise.

Meg, in NYC at least the law doesn't require car seats in cabs, because (get this) cabs are classified as public transportation and are therefore immune from seat belt laws. ! Which means that plenty of otherwise sensible New Yorkers let their infants and toddlers and preschoolers ride in cabs not in carseats. For the rest of us the way we do it when they're in infant seats is put the infant seat in the cab (using the alternate belt path so we don't have to lug around the base--I have no idea where the base even is to the infant seat my friend loaned me since we don't have a car ourselves and will never use the base) and then the stroller attachment in the trunk. Once you have to move up to the convertible car seat you're basically hosed. The only time I've taken a cab since El Chico moved up to the convertible is to the airport (since we'll need the seat anyway). Otherwise we just take the bus or subway.

I think I could make millions of dollars if I could invent an easily-portable convertible car seat.


Up until my grandparents gave up their car a few years ago, they wrote the location on a chalk board they keep in the kitchen of their Park Slope apartment. Along with the license plate number.


The easiest portable convertible car seat is the Sit-N-Stroll. It changes from a car seat to a stroller. I own one and it has changed my travelling life.


All too familiar, I'm afraid. I recently lot my car in a parking garage and eventually shuffled over to the security office and let them drive me around until I spotted it. Very embarrassing.


Glad you found the car! This reminds me of when I was living in Philadelphia, during grad school, sans car. My friend offered to drive me to the train station to go home for Christmas. He'd worked very late in his university lab the night before, but woke up early, had a nice breakfast, read the paper, checked the clock, and got ready to come fetch me. He opened his front door to go to his car...which wasn't there. After he picked his jaw up off the ground, he remembered that he'd fetched a ride home on the university shuttle the night before, rather than walk to the parking garage, where the car was now sitting happily minding its own business.... He called me to say, "I'm running to campus to get the car, I'll be right there!" and hung up the phone before I could say, "Wait, I'll take a later train, really!" When he arrived, we ended up getting detoured because of firetrucks on the next block, hit every red light on the way, and got stuck behind an enormous construction vehicle trying to make a tight left turn. And I tripped and fell flat on my face trying to run up the stairs in the train station with my big bag of winter clothes and two shopping bags full of presents and a fully-loaded grad student backpack.

But I made my train, AND my friend got some exercise. ;-)



Oh honey...sounds like pregnancy brain to me!!!

Number 1001 that I love living in the suburbs... I now have my own driveway. Heaven.


Ah, your post brings back a vivid memory... of myself, at 36 weeks, blithely parking in a TOW AWAY zone around the corner from my place of work. Which also happened to be a block away from where I lived for a year.

So to clarify: I was very familiar with that tow zone. But somehow I just didn't SEE it that day.

When I returned I didn't see my car, either. What I did end up seeing was a loooong line at the city garage, and a big fat ticket.

Glad to hear your wheels weren't stolen/towed, just momentarily invisible. :)


LOL At that stage of my pregnancy, I was wondering if I would be left with enough brain cells to survive or if the baby was going to suck them all out! I also wondered if subsequent pregnancies might rob me of what little grey matter I had left.... or perhaps that was the reason some people have very, very large families. :D


Oh- that's funny! But don't worry- your brain will return. Otherwise you'd forget where you put the baby! :)
I can't imagine living somewhere with no parking. In our subdivision there is even a rule that one of your vehicles must be pulled into your garage- only one in the driveway at a time (although it would hold 6-8 comfortably!)


Pregnancy brain aside, it's amazing to me that anyone in NYC owns a car! I've been there twice and can't imagine actually driving or trying to park on those streets!! I would be a complete slave to public transportation. Of course, I live in a relatively small town in Arkansas so most city driving is scary to me.


From one husband to yours...

If say, your wife goes into labor at 5:30 a.m. and you are in the hospital until 6:00 p.m. without anything to eat, do not, I repeat do not, think it's ok to get a burger and fries and sit next to the bed while chomping away - thinking you are being considerate by staying in the room to offer morale support. Hide in the cafeteria. Do not think of even mentioning "your needs."

I have never heard the end of it.

You're almost there, so perhaps you won't need my other piece of advice which is - while your wife is pregnant, if she ever bends over to pick up something in the clost and then backs up, resist, oh resist, the urge to say, "beep beep beep" as if she were a garbage truck...whether she has junk in the trunk or no, this will likely be the near end of you - especially if you take glee in the evilness of it and joyfully tell the tale to all of her girlfriends every chance you get...girlfriends, who, until now, were under some strange illusion that you were a great guy.



Melani...you cracked me up. I guess to the rest of the world it looks a little crazy lots of cars etc. But we make it work. There is a very fine line between what is a better choice, being a slave to public transportation or being a slave to the parking drama. It is a tough call and I think they both suck!

Sam...my husband ate a huge roast beef hero and then the next morning my Dr came in to check me and finished my husbands bag of pretzels while telling me I could not eat. You crazy men!!!

It is so hot and humid today I feel so bad for Ms Brooklyn Girl I hope the AC is cranking and I hope that baby comes soon!


We were visiting friends in Park Slope this weekend and I was kind of secretly keeping an eye out for you. But I now realize I should have been looking for your car! Wishing you the best.

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