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She's seriously recommending having kids 15 months apart? Planned that way? Oy.

I mean, you do it if it happens that way, but to specifically try to have them 15 months apart? Maybe if you toss in a lobotomy with that c-section...

Brooklyn Girl

Moxie--She didn't specifically recommend it, but she didn't recommend against it either.

Besides, very little in my reproductive life has been planned one way or another.


That photo made me gasp.

What. A BEAUTIFUL. Boy you have.


He is simply stunning. What an adorable little guy you have.


I fed my 6 month old carrots twice this week and he has a nasty rash on his chin and some gas. Any reaction with your Boy? Our's is quite the drooler and he's had some mild chin rashes, but this one is bad and he hasn't been drooling any more. The only other thing he's had is homemade oatmeal and applesauce and he did fine with that. Just wondering...


What a lovely boy. As far as the carrots go, my baby brother was the opposite--LOVED them. He ate so many that his skin took on a yellowish tinge (true!) which with his red hair made him look...eerie.

I hope that the IVF accoutrements never again become "relevant," because your fertility is magically restored...


Remember you can ovulate before you get your first period back, so don't rely on a lack of a period as birth control. Abstinence due to exhaustion works just fine, however ;)


The Boy is an absolute doll. Just beautiful.

Are carrots his first venture into veggies?


I threw out all the IVF crap once I got pregnant. It felt so good. I kept all the instructions, however, because I'm just anal that way.

I want to have another child but it will be a while before we do this again. My girl is great, but the idea of having a toddler and an infant is a bit daunting. Oh, and then there is the money we don't have on hand to do it again yet....

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