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May I suggest that you give them away (perhaps to a fellow blogger)? If you need them again in the future, you'll get them back - or ones as like them as makes no never mind.

Even if you were the most fertile woman on the planet, it makes no sense to store bulky items that you won't be using for at least a year in a Brooklyn apartment.

Brooklyn Girl

Liz--We've given some things away, but when we've done so the recipients invariably sparks an awkward conversation about whether we anticipate needing the items back. And though I might be ready to obsess about that question here, I'm not ready to talk about it outside the computer.

That said, though, if there are any local bloggers interested in a gently used swing, bouncy seat, or bathtub, drop me a line.


Sell them on ebay or craigslist, and if you'll need them again you'll be the newer models then.

Forutnately we have where to store our baby gear and I'm fervently praying that we use these things again. althogh Shimion still uses his swings as a playing/lounging area. He has outgrown his car/infant seat and changing table though, and the portacrib is also stashed away.

Cat, Galloping

I know. I know. And what I hate is that I don't feel like I can afford to raise another child, if I decide I want to (I think I will) and if I am fortunate enough to be able to conceive and carry one. Not in this part of the country. Not if I want Gatito to be able to take piano (or karate or painting or whatever) lessons. And not if I want to send him to a school that does not have gang warfare (which the public middle and high schools do here). As it is I cannot even fathom paying for college.


I also had problems with infertility, and I think that it has probably robbed me of the opportunity to have another (because we were older to begin with, and it just took us so darn long before moving to donor eggs). But I haven't officially given up yet.

I don't have the heart to give my daughter's things away. I've even kept all her clothes in those vacuum pack thingys. I did suggest to my husband that if I ever do get the heart to sell the things that put the money in her college education fund.

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