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Good response.


It's as if the people at RESOLVE haven't ever dealt with ART themselves and have no strategic thinking experience.


It makes me think the whole organization is a joke. Those are the most generalized guidelines I've ever seen.


You know, the fact that they're still defending this moron at all speaks volumes.

Having read the article, I can only say that if he was misquoted as badly as they say he was, then it must have been a pretty nifty trick, like the nerds stringing together random taped words to get a particular sentence in the movie 'Sneakers.'

I call shenannigans.


akeeyu just referenced the movie "Sneakers." Heh.


I found the repsonse lacking, insulting and disappointing as well. If you haven't already, read the bio for the president on the Resolve website. He really has no personal or professional experience with infertility AT ALL. I think someone who did have that experience would have given better repsonses to the interview--heck they might even have told NEWSWEEK when the mag pitched the article that you can't really just talk about environmental issues when talking about infertility, that would give an inaccurate impression of infertility.
UGH. I think the board of Resolve made a huge mistake picking this guy as their president. Maybe it is time to start a new organization, one that has in its bylaws that the top postitions (inlcuding anyone who acts as a spokesperson for the organization) must be filled by individuals with personal and or professional experiences with infertility



I have to say, though, I have some experience being WILDLY misquoted by the press with rather devastating results (the writer just nipped and tucked my words until they fit her world view--not good). If it really was an hour-long interview that was boiled down to those few paragraphs, it's quite possible that they did pull stuff out of context quite a bit.

But he is still an ass and a bad representative. Even when the press is also rather on the evil side.

Brooklyn Girl

I would give the "out of context" possibility more credence if their response didn't indicate the same lack of understanding evidenced in the article.


The only reason this guy was chosen was because RESOLVE is trying to undergo a major reorganization - bring all the nationwide chapters under one umbrella organization to give the group a uniform look and feel. Apparently, this guy knows not-for-profit structure. But he knows fuck-all about infertility. Perhaps he could have just been a consultant?


As a 22 year old infertile this reeaally insulted me. I have enough trouble being taken seriously by people without this crap and now I guess I must be an obese bulemic, alcoholic, whore of a nicotine addict that sniffs paint to be unable to have a baby at my age. Cheers Resolve, thanks for the support.


Right there with Sassy...in fact, I am drunk right now, smoking out of my nose while I cram half a cake in my face and have an IV of liquid crack going in my foot. (Gotta have free hands for smoking, drinking and eating, ya know.) But my PCOS has NOTHING to do with my IF or my weight! I guess I am just lazy!

The article ticked me off but the response was just infuriating.


I feel sick after reading this.

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