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you want to know that would make me less freaked out about needles? valium. xanax. a shot of vodka.

butterflies? i don't think so.


Seriously rolling my eyes over here.

You know what would make me feel better about needles? If my insurance didn't refuse to cover the $1500 bill for blood work!


That's VERY funny. If clutching my oldest teddy bear and watching Sopranos reruns during my shot sessions didn't lessen my anxiety, I hardly think that lameass butterflies on the shots themselves would!

It sort of reminds me of the packaging my meds came in from the specialty drugstore. There was a picture of a happy stork on the package. It actually still pisses me off...


You know what would make me feel better about needles? If they'd take my word that I have deep rolling veins that jump away, and not poke and prod around in there for 5 minutes, giving me a hematoma, before finally calling in someone else to help.

And am I not understanding the design of the experiment? It sounds like they just showed patients the needle packages and they reported their feelings about the needles, but never actually did any injections or blood draws. That's like showing you photos of men and asking how you feel about being married to them without ever forcing you to share a bathroom with them.


That is hi-larious. In an evil world they'd have pictures of An.ne G.eddes babies hidden in flowers or ampules or something.


At my clinic, they have you squeeze a little stuffed monkey or teddy bear during blood draws, I guess instead of just clenching your hand or, I don't know, biting down on a leather strap or something. It did not make the experience any less painful or more whimsical.

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