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Let's just say that I'm lucky that the Wiggles don't really have any product placement.


My son loves loves Elmo, he will sit in his chair and sing the La La song (Elmo's world) until I put on Sesame Street (thank God for TIVO).


My son loves loves Elmo, he will sit in his chair and sing the La La song (Elmo's world) until I put on Sesame Street (thank God for TIVO).


My DD was obsessed with Elmo's World and Curious George until one day she requested "Tebetubbies" out of the blue! My mom fessed up that she'd shown it to her a few times...and now it's all she wants to watch! Not sure where you guys stand on the show, but I find it unwatchable!!! I'm kind of horrified, actually.


Don't feel bad. Everyone does it, and I think Dora is one of the most educational of the shows. My daughter is watching it right now!


I'm still in the phase where I say "No characters for us!" and I'm convinced I can keep it out of their lives, but I'm starting to have my doubts. Damn.


During the first few months of this pregnancy, Elmo became my best friend. I could barely stand without feeling sick so as soon as nap was over, we camped out in front of the TV for 45 minutes. Now that I'm feeling better, my son does not want that routine to change even though I would like it too. That's what I get, I suppose!


Don't feel bad - my Amanda is 14 months old and her very limited vocabulary consists of "Mom," "Dada," "Nana," "Yes," and "Melmo" (Elmo). Can't say "Papa," but she's got Elmo down. *sigh*

Julie M

We had the SAME EXACT THING happen in Toys R Us with out 17 month old last weekend. We were shopping for other kids and everytime he saw Dora mechandise (of which there is quite a bit), he screamed DADADADA. We were shocked too.


My boys are both in love with Dora. And that started when they had seen it once or twice.

It's everywhere. But at least it's educational to watch, the main thing is limiting as much as possible.


Don't be dissing on Ms. Dora. She rocks. My 2 year old can count to twenty in spanish and english thanks to her!

Seriously, if your kid is going to watch some TV, Dora is not that bad. Just think what we watched as kids. Scooby Do,the Jetsons, Flintstones?

I think that I learned more from the 5-10 minutes of school house rock about our county's history than I learned in school at that time - sad but true.

I think given the right message, TV can be both entertaining and educational for our little ones as long as we limit the amount of time they watch and chose the right programs for them.

When that new baby comes, Dora is going to be your new best friend.


Being the obsessively good parent that I am, I recently bought organic Dinkelmais (whole wheat in English? dark wheat? I don't know, something really healthy and organic) cookies for Small Boy - in animal shapes, even! He, however, will only eat the elephant shapes because he is in love with the Heffalump from his Winnie the Pooh DVD (which he endearinly calls a DeeDeeDee).

And heaven help me if he sees Winnie the Pooh patterned sheets while I'm buying new towels. Just hypothetically speaking, of course.

I feel your pain.


My 2 1/2 year old daughter, who has never seen a Disney princess on screen, knows the names of at least three of them because they are on her pull up diapers. No one is safe! (And really, a little t.v. is fine, I think.)

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