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Not offended really. Might work between the right two people.


Don't hate them. Don't want to get one either.


I'm with Nors. I don't particularly want one, but I can understand that someone might.


I think they're lovely. I think it might have made me feel less alone during the Infertility Years.


I would really rather get a card that simply says, "I'm sorry" versus one that is specifically designed with infertiles in mind. I find it somewhat off-putting and creepy. However, for the person who just doesn't know what to say, it may be a relief to find such a card.


I am not sure it will really help people communicate better about the pain of infertility. Take blogs for example. Only a very few of my friends contacted me every time I sounded down on my blog. I know that others read it, but they just did not know what to say.


I guess they're kind of weird, yes.

But at the same time - Hallmark has always made weird cards.

I don't think I'd be offended to receive one, though.


I read about this today as well and went and checked out the site. It seems they've come up with a number of new cards about all kinds of things that are difficult for many people to talk about. I was impressed they had a sidebar with things to do to help friends in different situations. Perhaps we have some sisters at Hallmark who have taken matters into their own hands?


Not offended, probably wouldn't buy one (I'd rather buy a blank card and write something personal). Had I gotten one in the Bad Years, though, I would have been touched. Some people just don't know what to say and a card like that, versus "just be patient" or whatever lameass thing people would say on their own, would have been sweet as would the fact someone even thought to send me a card to buck me up.

I'm not sure how I feel about infertiles becoming a "marketed to"" group, though. On the one hand, yay, acknowledgement we exist and are normal. On the other, are you seriously trying to SELL me something because of this hard time I am going through?


Not sure how I feel about needing my own card category. After Julie's "TWISI" post, I'm a bit cynical about how this might have come up in a marketing meeting: "Hey, I have this friend, and she's infertile - we should do a card for that!"


Obviously you have not yet heard the radio ad for the cards. It is far from sensitive, specifically relating to adoption. I posted on it, so I won't regurgitate here.

If I had only seen the web site, I might like the cards, but after the radio ad, I'm not sold.


I think it's great. Not everyone is able to express their thoughts appropriately, but still want to share their best wishes. I wrote a little something about one of those situations today .. http://imwaiting.blogspot.com/2007/02/so-i-know-this-girl.html


I'm with everyone else...they're a bit weird, but I may have felt a little comforted by something along those lines if it came from the right person at the right time. However, the friends who didn't appear to judge or pity me were better than ANYTHING Hallmark could write up!

I guess at the end of the day I like being able to walk into a Hallmark store and finding just about anything for anyone. I recently had trouble finding cards for my friend who adopted a baby and another friend who is marrying his partner.

And that bothered me.


I dunno. One part of me wants to think they are great. The other part does think "the 'man' is trying to cash in.
I think I would have liked to get one though, back in the day.


I'd far, far rather have a piece of notebook paper with "I don't know what to say" scribbled on it.

But I don't think I'm keeping Hallmark in business. My mother-in-law would love these.

midlife mommy

Eh? Maybe. If it came from someone I thought really "gets it."


On the whole, these are pretty cool. Some are a little too cloying for me, but the others seem to hit home.

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