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cat, galloping

I hated high school, too, and swore I'd move far away. Sadly, I'm right back where I started. So I guess it's good to know I couldn't have escaped even if I'd moved 1200 miles away! :)


The farthest from home I've ever lived is 80 miles. I still kind of regret that I've never lived farther away, or out of state for that matter, but now I'm glad I'm close to home for my kids.


I also had the same attitude when I was in high school. I haven't had all the run-ins you have though, so I am blissfully thinking I'm living a better life than them.

This is too funny.


I just checked the miles from my high school to NYC (where I live now)-- about 2,500. Thankfully I have not run into anyone from high school. Aaack. That would blow me away. My husband, however, has come across countless people from high school and college (417 miles). Lucky him.

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