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Omigod, they're so beautiful! The Girl's cheeks are positively edible!

(And you're pretty too! :))


What a beautiful family. :)

Happy bloggiversary!


Just beautiful...thanks for letting us peek in!


What a beautiful family! And more beautiful for what you had to go through to get them. This post made me cry, especially the Anniversary Song reference--it sums up really well how I feel about my own little crew.

I just realized it was right about four years ago now I discovered the Barren Bitches Brigade. It's not exaggerating to say it helped save me.


Happy Anniversary! What a lovely family you've got there.


Absolutely adorable - all three of you! It's nice to have a face to the face in my mind :)

I found you just prior to the IVF...and was shocked along with you with the Girl. And I'm thankful that I could share in these events and happy moments with you.

Here's to another 4 years!


Look at that! You! I've been reading your blog since I've been reading blogs and I'm oh-so-glad to see you.


ah at last a picture, you all look lovely. Thanks for sharing. Happy ANniversary.


Wow, a pic! What a great looking family! I love having a face to go with the blogger!

You know, you were the first IF blog I read...maybe the first blog altogether. My husband sent me the link to your blog while we were going through SIF (we now have our IVF baby Max.) You have helped me feel that I was not alone and I thank you for that. As long as you blog, I'll read.

formerly "We Dream of Baby"


Happy Anniversary! I will never forget discovering your blog -- we were in the exact same place in our fertility struggle and now 4 years later, we remain in almost the exact same place! How odd (and wonderful). I'm so thankful that you have been able to share your journey with all of us.

P.S. Oh, those cheeks! That smile! What a beautiful family.


Happy Anniversary!!! I LOVE your picture--thank you so much for posting it!!!

I almost cried reading your post because I also struggle with that little voice that started during the infertility days. I started reading your blog (which has always been the only one I've ever read) when I was starting Clomid...a few failed IUI's and a failed IVF later I filed adoption papers and got pregnant. My daughter was then born a few months after The Boy. Throughout the infertility years (almost 2 for me too) and the pregnancy, you were a godsend.

Thank you for having the guts and heart to be honest about how challenging this whole motherhood gig can be! I'm so happy to hear that you're sticking around!!!

ps: hope you're gearing up for the return of Battlestar!

midlife mommy

Happy anniversary, and may I say, what a lovely family you make.


Happy Anniversary! [wipes tears away] You've created a wonderful family.


It is so lovely to finally see you! Was just telling Julie the other day that you are one of my favourite bloggers.



Awwww! All three of you are POSITIVELY BEAUTIFUL! I am very happy for you and your hubby.

Also? I want to bite the Girl's cheeks. And when did the boy turn into such a little man?

Seriously, congrats.


Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary!

So nice to see all of you!

I'm so happy that you continue to share your life as a mom, the ups and the downs, with all of us.


I've been reading since about the time the boy was born and I'm so happy to see a photo of all of you! What a beautiful family! You should definitely keep writing.


Congratulations on your blogiversary! I'm so glad to get the chance to "see" you and the kids. Thank you for putting yourself out there year after year; you have always been one of my staple reads.


Looks like a happy family to me ... and that takes a good mom to accomplish. Tell the Voice to go F itself.

Thanks for sharing the pix.


Happy Anniversary. Long time lurker who has always enjoyed your blog and understood because I've been down a similar path. Your family is beautiful!


what a beautiful peak at your family! Thanks!


Snow falls in Brooklyn? :-)

I had a similar journey myself. It's amazing how life changes in a (relatively) short time!

Happy blogiversary to you.


Gorgeous--all three of you!

Honored to have shared the "ride" with you lo these past few years. Happy blogoversary!


Happy Anniversary!! You are beautiful and so are the kiddos ... picture perfect!!



Happy anniversary from another long-time reader. You helped me when I was going through first IUI then IVF and now you are helping me wrap my head around the concept of two-under-two.

Your family is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.


Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on such a beautiful family!


Oh my gosh, you guys are all so cute! Thanks for sharing that and everything else with us. Glad to be along for the ride.


I love that song . . . and this post was just beautiful, complete with the perfect picture. You are an amazing writer, mother, and inspiration.

:-) Thank you . . . .


Happy Anniversary!

(And I join previous posters in wondering whether you'll be serving the Girl's cheeks as refreshments? Because yum! And I wouldn't mind a little nibble of the Boy, either.)


Dear God, I have that voice in my head too ... about everything. I need to make it stop.

Love the picture!!


Hi, and thanks, for the beautiful beautiful photo and all of your writing and sharing these past 4 years. I, too, found the infertility blogosphere through you (I think I was doing a google search on Oprah and infertility!) and I cannot imagine the past 3+ years without it. Happy Anniversary!

Jenn (dish)

Wow, a picture! What a beautiful family. We have had somewhat parallel paths and it has been so great to be able to share the experience, even though we've never met. Thank you for blogging and happy blogiversary!


Lookit that gorgeous family! It's so nice to see all of you. Happy Blogiversary.

Your voice is one I always look forward to reading. Keep it coming, however often you want.

Anna H.

Goodness, how time flies!

And what a pleasure to see the Brooklyn Girl family -- thank you for sharing that photo with all of us!

Take care, BG.


Your blog means so much to me. I now have my own boy (27 months) & girl (4 months), so much I can relate to your situation. We didn't have quite the same infertility issues. But, my age was a scary factor (now 41) and I struggle with my weight as well. We go through a lot of the same struggles with the kiddos around the same time that you do.

Thanks for sharing your lives with us! Please continue & thanks for the picture!


*sniff* what a gorgeous family! enjoy them muchly. and happy anniversary! (i am typing in all lowercase because my little darling is pulling at my hand going "mama, no!" sigh. life is good.


Such a gorgeous family.

Congrats on all you've accomplished and thanks for letting us come along for the ride.


Happy belated blogiversary. What a beautiful family you have. :)


happy anniversay! i've been reading since my second failed IVF, and now have a two-year old from round III. during one of my most trying days as i blubbered at my keyboard during IVF II i emailed you personally, and you responded with such support. i'll never forget that day...tho i've moved from nyc to small town and life is so different now, still lurking and reading. thanks for the support -- and the laughs! wish you all the best.


Happy Bloggiversary! Thanks for sharing it all with us.

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