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It definitely means something different to you at this moment in time. But it doesn't sound like the all-important start of the cycle that signifies the Next Step. I envy that!

I'm bracing myself for the start of trying again in a few months... and probably going through treatments again...


Must be what it's like to be normal, to get a period have it trigger thoughts no deeper than "I wonder how many Tampax are left in the box?" and worries no more terrifying than "damn, I hope I don't have to go to CVS today."

I'm *almost* to that point. Almost.


Hmm, well.
Uh, what about the girl, she certainly needed no assistance to be conceived. It seems like your biggest issue in adding to your family (if the girl is a harbinger of enhanced fertility) is getting a bigger living space.
Isn't it odd that infertility is such an invasive mindset that no matter what has happened between it and now, it still casts a pall.


I feel like I'm living a similar story I just got my period today. I have 2 beautiful healthy children and have always wanted a third - I 've had 3 miscarriages, been diagnosed with PCOS and completed (as of today) my first unsuccessful attempt at fertility meds. I am 38 and discouraged. I'm disappointed but just not that surprised any more with the way things seem to be going. Any advice?

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