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I hope they send you a patient satisfaction survey!


I was standing in the hall at 5:30 in the morning, telling the resident what the course of action would be in regards to my child's pain meds and oxygen levels, when it occurred to me that I WAS AN ENGLISH MAJOR.

Jesus. They just don't think, do they?

So sorry - hope all is well wtih The Girl.


Ugh. NYC ERs are hell on earth. Hope all is well with the Girl.

marie baguette

I hope the Girl is better. This might cheer you up: I saw someone in Park Slope this week end with 2 kids, about the same age as the Girl and the Boy and the same hair as yours. I had to ask "Are you the blogger BrooklynGirl?". She said no, but I am still wondering if it was not you!!!
Also, I am thinking of switching RE because of insurance. Anyone you recommend??


Ugh it sounds awful. Why are doctors so useless sometimes?


Oh no, what an awful experience for all of you! I hope she is better soon, and you can all get the copious amounts of vomit cleaned off for good.


That just sucks! What is wrong with people?!?!

I hope the Girl is feeling better and that everything is okay. I hope you are doing alright, too.


I'm sorry it was such an awful trip. I hope she is on the mend, and stops bumping her head.


Oh no--what a mess!!! I'm so sorry you had to deal with such incompetent freaks...like you weren't worried enough. I would just cut and paste the personalized messages on your blog if/when they send you a hospital survey!

I sincerely hope The Girl is feeling better.

If you have time, check out last week's BSG for a good pick-me-up. It was actually even better than the first episode...holy frack!!!


I'm so sorry -- that sounds truly awful. I hope the girl is ok.


Let me guess. Methodist? The ER there is like a play hospital -- no one ever on duty knows what they're doing.


Methodist? They are truly awful.


Oh, sweet lady. I'm so, so sorry. Thinking of you tonight...

midlife mommy

Oh, what an awful experience. I hope everything is OK.

Brooklyn Mama

Ugh - that sounds terrible. I hope the little one is on the mend and that YOU are recovering from the ER trauma. I've spent many a trying time in the Methodist ER. It's the pits.


I'm so, so sorry - these stomach things come on so suddenly and strongly, and dealing with an incompetent hospital is just beyond what you should have to be going through right now. I hope she's feeling better soon and that someone can help take good care of you. Sending lots of sympathy...


God, how awful. Awful. Who are those morons, and what are they doing working at a hospital?

I fervently hope Girl is on the mend now. And I feel so sorry for you, having to go through all that. Take care.


Here's the advice...acetominophen suppositories to keep the fever and pain down when nothing is staying down (brand: Fever-All, available at Walgreen's and probably elsewhere too...I was amazed that the first three doctors we saw did not mention them. Fourth doctor was the charm.)

For the ensuing and inevitable diaper rash, I like Flander's ointment (available behind the pharmacy counter without a prescription).

Best of luck. And I hope it's not rotavirus.


Dear sweet jebus. I'm so sorry you and the Girl had to deal with such blatant incompetence and insensitivity. Ah, emergency medical care, how sweet are thee?

Hope the Girl is recovering and that no one else in the BG household is stricken with the yuck.

P.S. Glad to hear that the bump was not a fracture, concussion, or anything...and as for the woman who questioned you on domestic violence? I'd have lost my shit; you, my dear, are a much better gal than I.


A. I hope the Girl is feeling better soon, and that you're having a better day.

B. Never mind a survey or a letter. Just print what you wrote here and find the right office to send it to. 'Nuff said.

Best wishes to you all -


Ack! So sorry! Especially about that first resident, good lord.


UGH. You poor thing.


Good God! That's all awful stuff! You poor thing (both of you...)


So sorry you and The Girl had to go through all that...here's hoping everyone is feeling much better now....


Hi again -

It occurs to me that maybe the "The crying breaks my heart" person was trying to be sympathetic?? It may not have been the right thing to say to the MOM at that particular moment...but maybe it was meant kindly? (I wasn't there, so I can't judge tone and facial expression.) The better thing to say might have been more like, "It breaks my heart, and I know it must break yours even more -- but she's doing great, and we'll be done soon."

Still sending good wishes and healthy vibes -


Geez BG! I am so sorry she was sick and all that you had to go through! Could we be living parallel lives? Last week my son stood in his high chair, promptly fell and he did get a concussion. He was vomiting, eyes rolling back in his head, lapsing in and out of consciousness. He is alright now and clearly did not suffer any real damage. But what an experience, from the ambulance ride where he barely protested being strapped to a body board - I was so happy when he finally started to scream - to the dumb doctors. Where to start? The doctor I called a flaming jackass tried running tape across my son's face, specifically sealing off his nostrils, saying it was necessary to immobilize him for an Xray. I said No, not across his nostrils, he'll be frightened. Try his forehead. His response, it is better than a cat scan where he'll be exposed to 6xs the radiation. He had just had a cat scan, thanks for the facts and get the f-n tape OFF off his nostrils. I pulled it off myself. Another doctor told us that he wants my son to be OK because "and I am just being honest here, I need to sleep tonight." No, I am not kidding.

We had to stay overnight where they woke him every hour on the hour. It was hellish, but I left with a talking, walking, happy boy. So, no complaints.

Just read your next post, glad to hear that Girl is better. How's your ticker after all you went through?

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