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Tyrone is a Moose! That's so spot-on.
My BB is also currently trying to seperate boys and girls. She thinks Uniqua is a boy because "he's very bossy"....


Who can really tell with those damn Backyardiagnas anyway?

And BG, I am so glad I am not the only person thinking of the relative merits of children's TV. Like "ooohh, Handy Manny, I like this episode!" Jesus. I used to be smart.


indeed, tyrone *is* a moose!!

my beanie is 3 and she GREATLY prefers diego to dora. i think it has something to do with the fact that diego appears older (??) and does cooler things. she loves the idea of rescuing animals in trouble. her favorite is to talk about "douga the leather back sea turtle" and she makes us repeat "douga the leather back sea turtle" until we say it right... *shrug* it might not be a gender thing, more of a subject thing...


My nearly 3 year old daughter loves Diego the best. She prefers watching Dora (the show) over Go Diego Go (the show), but it's best if Diego (or Daisy for that matter) makes an appearance.
As far as "old school" episodes, can someone fill me in? Here is Australia we were a bit slow to catch on to Dora, and the first DVD I bought was Star Catching, and I despaired that I show I had heard to be quite educational actually feautured cloud castles and diamond mountains with stairs....

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