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I'm sorry about the work stuff, but glad she is better. Nothing scarier than a sick baby. And don't make any decisions about what this all means about work. Give it some time, I'm thinking.


I always found that after Tori was sick the nursing settled down in a couple weeks. Funny, I kind of miss it now that she's done.

I don't mean to do a drive-by, but can you program word to auto save for yourself? I have mine set up to auto save every minute or so; that way I never lose more than a minute's work when I fuck something up. Cause I do, all the time. :D


Glad the Girl is feeling better. I hope the nursing goes down soon, and that you get some enjoyment out of it before it's over.

Don't give up on the freelancing yet. I don't think it's a sign of anything except that it's all hard work. Although that really sucks about losing the work.


I'm glad the Girl is feeling better.

This happened to me, too - we were all but weaned then Small Boy got all pukey sick and he went from once a day to six times a day again. I had the same feelings - glad I was able to comfort him and give him something healthy he'd consume, annoyed that our easy path to self-weaning got bumpy. We eventually weaned four months after the sick incident, but that was me not trying *at all* to do it.


Glad the girl is getting better. Sorry it's slowly.

I was unable to comment on your post about the ER because there were so many distressing things to comment on I didn't know where to begin. Let's hope you don't need to go back there for a long time. Like ever.

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