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midlife mommy

I know what you mean, unfortunately. Can you say "G"?


I was that same "I'm sure I failed" girl. And--eep--now I am that same "I'm sure this project is crap" woman. Got any good tricks for quitting that attitude? Since adolescence, I feel I've moved from perfectionistic self-hatred to just ordinary perfectionism. Progress, right?


The letter G is one with which I am familiar. So is H. I ended up wearing size F because I could not locate a G or an H.


Totally with you on the freelance work uncertainty - the making money and using your brain a bit part is great, but the feeling of not being able to do a job properly is not a good one. And I am sure that you're doing a better job than you think. Enjoy the break, for now!

Carla Hinkle

I actually went back and read the comments on that other post -- I don't think anyone was saying you should try to make yourself feel good about putting in only half-assed effort! You are obviously giving life (including work) everything you've got -- it just so happens that to a person with 2 kids, limited childcare, and freelance work, your "all" just can't stretch far enough.

I do know what you mean about beating yourself up, though ... I used to do that all the time (still do to some extent). I'm sure that as you get more experience with your new line of work you'll feel better about it.

And Hooray! for new bras.


I came home from my fitting that one day and told my husband the size I measured as. When he asked me what the "G" stood for, one option was "G-ddamn, them's some big boobs!"


I understand how you feel being so hard on yourself. And I used to hate it if I left a test feeling like I had aced it - I did bad on those ones. Whenever I felt like I failed, I really aced it. Whatever. I'm sure you do great work!


I worked my a** off so I would feel like I didn't fail in the class I taught this semester at [local state] university...

Unfortunately, I am so frickin' exhausted now and I'm not sure it was worth it... I definitely worked a LOT harder than the students did.... I'm taking a break from teaching and going back to my "day job." (Seriously. I reduced my hours at my day job to teach. Now I'll just be at day job! Woo-hoo! I'm going to take a little time off to recover from teaching too.)


Ooops.... I didn't mean to make my comment to you all about me.... I'm sure, despite what you think, you did a great job. Let us know what they say!

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