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Alas, my Tar-jet (which I pronounce like "zhet") did not have the lusciousness to which you linked :-( V cute

Sorry to hear about the night terrors. I think it's the age...not that it makes you feel any better but we're dealing with them with J, who'll be 3 next month. Friends with older kids tell me it's a phase. Let's hope they outgrow it soon. Fingers crossed.


Here's what I know about night terrors: they're genetic - almost all kids who have them have at least one parent who sleep walked. The experts claim that a calming bedtime routine (particularly avoiding tv during the pre-bed hours) can help reduce them. The night terror sufferer has no memory of it in the morning, and attempts to soothe during the terrors can agitate them further. And finally, night terrors suck great big hairy donkey balls.
All three of my boys have had night terrors along the way. They do grow out of it, they really do. If his yelling doesn't bother the girl too much, I would just leave him alone. It feels horribly unnatural and wrong, but he won't remember. I promise.
Good luck!


I'm worried about pob getting night terrors given what kira said, as I used to sleep walk as a child. Oh well. I hope the poor Boy gets over them.

And the top is tres cute. I don't know how you've managed to restrain yourself from spending loads of moolah on lovely girlie things. I know I haven't.


Such a cute shirt!


The top is gorgeous. It is very hard sometimes for the parents of a bitty boy. Because we all know that girls get the best stuff. My only consolation is to buy the girly things for myself...but I'm pretty sure that top's not in my size....


I'm the last person to give advice on night wakings and siblings who share rooms. Riley has nightmares and is just a restless, dream-filled sleeper. It's hard to know what to do--sometimes when Riley is screaming, he is awake, and sometimes not. Sometimes he wakes up Maddie, and sometimes not. It *always* wakes up me. Sigh. I feel your pain.

Love the shirt. So cute! Can't wait for summer to get here. Please? Soon?


I got an adorable khaki skirt (w/shorts underneath) at Tar-jay for Miss M--that top would go really well.

And sigh on the 2 kids in a room thing. We actually had all four family members sleeping in the same room while on vacation and it was fine, so my husband is desperate to get them bunked together at home. They're fine sleeping through each other's night rustlings, but cannot go to sleep together. There is giggling and poking and talking, and what AM needs to go to sleep is a warm body close by...ignoring his existence. I guess we would have to stagger the bedtimes?


"since she has her own rigorous schedule of night wakings to maintain" LOL! I feel your pain.

Love the shirt. Tarjey has some cute kids clothes, that's for sure.

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