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midlife mommy

I'll bet those people were really thinking, "thank goodness it's her today and not me," all the while remembering when it happened to them. I know when I see that happening to someone else, I am not thinking judgmental thoughts -- it's more along the lines of "there but for the grace of God go I today." (smile)

Hope you have a better day today.


Ice cream is dairy, my friend, and dairy is one of the food groups. End of story.

The whole preschool/kindergarten thing makes me hate the world. It just drives me batty. These kids are four and five, people! I'm so sorry you have to deal with/fret about that.

Here's to less playground drama on the next visit.


I currently have the smae problem at the playground with an almost-3-year od and a 15 month old who always need to be miles apart from each other. Add in that the 15 month old is NOT walking well yet and eats EVERYTHING, it gets tricky...

If I were on the playground with you, I'd be admiring how well you were handling the challenges before you. And ice cream makes everything better. Even for moms. Especially for moms.


Last summer at the playground was officially not easy for me. I feel your pain.

This year I have fantasies about drinking iced coffee while they play peacefully in the sand for hours on end (past eating it--thank goodness!). I'll let you know how it goes :-)

Are you around in August? We are frighteningly wide open, planwise--we should get together.

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