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I'd say go to the church service if you think it would add to his holiday spirit. By the time I was old enough to have stated an opinion about wanting to go to the midnight service at my stepmom's parents' church I was too attached to my own religious tradition and would have been squicked out. But really, it's probably a lot of nice singing and lights and stuff.

I never know what to get my sister. We have nothing in common, she's a lot younger (turning 25 next week, which is my whole issue), and her passions are things I cannot afford (horses--that's her business venture). I keep getting her gift certificates, to Sephora, to Zappos, etc. But I can't seem to figure out something more meaningful.


I am a complete non-churchgoer, but for a few years went to church on Christmas eve just for another fun activity. It wasn't fun. It was crowded and long and dull (even more so for a 3 year old!) and felt truly and utterly empty. Not to mention all the dirty looks you get from the church members. I wish there were places that did a Christmas carol singalong, because that's what I was really looking for. Anyway, if you're doing it for the same reasons I did, I advise against.

Betty M

I'm not even Christian and we sometimes go to the children's Christmas service (something called a Christingle - involving oranges with candles in) in my parents' village.

Happy holidays - wit religious flavour or not as the case may be.

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