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The bad juju thought might have made me choose A also. Damn juju.


With the mitigating factors you've revealed, I can understand picking A without thinking you are crazy.

Although I might have still gone with B given those factors.


I agree with Sam. Sigh. It's always something, eh?


Nah, I would have been tempted to do A also. Except mine have fallen so many times now and always been fine...so now I just feel like I am risking their lives, but I do E.


Who isn't sort of crazy? You should see the things I've taken my cat's to teh emergency vet for...


While I would ordinarily have done E, I can totally see doing A with the bad juju.

Far as crazy goes, that one's strictly small time. Heh.


Late to the party.

First time Max smacked his head that hard (boy meets dog on bed), the first thing the nurse asked me was if the dog was okay.

So I would have picked E.

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I think I'm gonna pick A too.


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Would be tempted to do A.

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