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Oh, non-Brooklyn non-Girl, do let us know where to find you!

I love that you used the expression "sturm and drang" to describe The Boy's fit on the sledding hill. I think next time Riley pitches a fit, I'll have to say, "Enough sturm and drang from you, already!" It will keep me amused rather than angry, I hope.

Sending many warm thoughts for your metaphysical journey.


As someone who referred to themselves as a former super model, I know sometimes there's a struggle to "keep it real" but to take advantage of a virtual fantasy world, if you will.

I won't think of it as a resurrection. It's an evolution, a growth, and that's always a good thing.


I've had a lot of parenting high points in the past 7 months myself (since J turned 3). Now that we're coming up on 4, it's easing up some but we still have our days. I'd like to think there's a light at the end of the tunnel but I know there will be another tunnel to go through again soon enough. Such is parenting, yes?

I've had a lot of similar thoughts as you lately (just, you know, without the "Brooklyn" thing 'cause I'm in a different part of the country, lol) and the longing for another? It's there, oh yes, it is. What am I thinking? But thinking I am, acting on it I am not. Life is a tricky ride to figure out.

Keep your chin up--you're doing the best you can. It's been a joy and pleasure sharing this 'trip' with you lo these past 5 (!) years...I'll follow along wherever you go and, hey, we've still got facebook :-)


I will miss you!


Oh yes, let us know where you land!


When H was 3.5, I often stayed in the house for days at a time because I just couldn't deal with the inevitable public tantrums. It's a very difficult age. Now that he's 4, things are much easier (not easy, of course, but easier). I think you'll get some of your mojo back in the next few months. I'm sad to see BrooklynGirl go, but I look forward to your new blog. Will you consider twitter in the meantime???


I'll miss you and your blog.


I'll miss you here but be waiting eagerly for your new URL. There are days when I feel like I'm barely managing my two and yet can follow that up with a discussion about when we'll start our next adoption without a second thought. (If I think about it for a second, I realize how insane we are.) So I completely get it. Lots of virtual support from Atlanta!


I too have a 3.5 year old, and it truly is soul crushing. What you mentioned sounds exactly like my experience right now. I'm angry with her most of the time, and I often feel that she is evil and malicious. She refuses to do anything I ask without a huge fight, and then does fun stuff like pulling my hair, cutting my clothes with scissors... you get the point. Know you are not alone.


My, I'll miss you. Come back SOON.


I'll miss you here but will follow you wherever you land. And you'll always be BrooklynGirl to me. :)


Gah! Just like that! Aside from the fact that you drive a certain amount of traffic to my site, you are someone who defined infertility and parenting blogworld for me. It won't be the same without you.

3 is tough over at our place these days as well. The raging, the storming. You're not alone and I've had plenty of immature reactions to it myself.

Let us know where you end up, and promise to end up somewhere!

Book club at my house next month if you are interested...


I just have one 2-yr-old and I often feel like a giant flop. I've mostly lurked here, but I have really appreciated your honesty and wit. (and the excellent poetry selections.) please do let us know when you feel like blogging again.


Oh No! I understand, but I'll miss you. Please keep me informed of your new digs.
Thank you for all of the support you've given me over the last year. A lot of infertilies can't bear to look back and connect with those of us still in struggle. Take care.


You will be missed my BrooklynGirl ... please stay in touch. Alyssa & Madison are closing in on 3.5 and trust me, you are NOT alone ... Hurry back in whatever incarnation you choose, but just hurry ... ((Hugs))


I look forward to being with you on this journey. I so enjoy your blog and writing.

I'll be 40 in a few weeks so .....

Come visit me if you want....I need to do a post on my identity crisis.... Sometimes people say they can't tell I am having one, but I am. :-) (Have been for a couple of years now.)


My birthday buddy, I still think of myself as a girl. Even though Thomas told me he thought I was 100. :(

I will miss you! Hurry back!


You will be missed. And I understand exactly what you are saying, on so many levels. I have never been so happy to celebrate a birthday as I was my daughter's fouth. And so far it IS better--there are still issues, but she's pretty much turned back into the sweet kid I fell in love with. There's hope, on the kid front--as far as the identity crisis front, yeah, still struggling with that one.


More of the same - you will be very, very missed. It's an odd, bittersweet thing, to see these pioneering blog(ger)s move on. You were my first - I googled Oprah and infertility for some reason, and you came up, and with you a whole world that made the unlivable livable for me. Wishing you lots of love, and more good days than hard.


Same here - mostly a lurker, but I'll miss you... please do post your new blog :-)

B mama

Sigh, I hear you, on all counts. Keep us posted and hang in there through the winter.



Thank you for everything here. Please send me a map when you get where you're going.


BG, you need to do what is right for you! But if you are indeed goin' away for a little while, I must say you will be sorely missed.

We are all girls, you will always be a girl.

And about another baby...I had mine at 44, granted after many miscarriages. But still. So, I hope if you decide you want more, you get your wish.

I feel sad and I won't say goodbye. Read ya soon.

Be well.


let us know where to find you!!


I'm feeling the same way about 2.5 - it's just a hard age for us. Ugh.

I'll be waiting to visit you in your new digs wherever/whenever that may be...



Come back soon.


I've not always commented on your posts, but I'm always delighted to see them. From one former Brooklyn girl to another, please keep in touch.


I had to pick up my almost-three-year-old off the ground at Chuck E. Cheese the other day, sling her over my shoulder (my poor back) and carry her kicking and screaming out of there before someone called Child Protective Services on me. We are suddenly having a hard time transitioning from one activity to another, especially when it means she has to stop doing something she likes to do.

Please come back soon, updated, rejuvenated, and ready to update us. Will miss you!

Betty M

I hear you on the soul crushing exhaustion and on the desire for more when I cant cope with what I have and fly off the handle endlessly. I've decided to believe those who have gone there before and who say it will pass.

I'm relatively new here but i will miss what you have to say as BrooklynGirl but will look forward to your new place when you get there.


*raises hand* flopper here too... we all feel completely unprepared for the roles we have taken on. trudge on sister. someday they will hopefully thank us for caring enough to lose our minds over them.


I will miss you very much!

Jenn (dish)

Missing you already!

I hear you on the 3.5 yr old behavior. It floors me on a daily basis, I end up overreacting, and then I feel like shit. As most have said, I'm told it passes, but it sure does suck right now.

Can't wait to catch up with you in the new space. Take care.


I've read you for ... hmm, since before your pregnancy with the Boy, but never commented. I was going through IVF and multiple miscarriages when I found you, and can't quite believe I have my own boy (2.5) and girl (10 months) these days. Thanks for keeping me company on my journey. I'll miss your writing, and wish you the best.

midlife mommy

Please don't stay away too long! I will miss you. And, 40 is not so bad. The thing is, wherever you are inside is where you'll stay, regardless of what your body does. I'm 27 inside, even though the calendar belies that claim.

Take care, and I look forward to reading you soon.


Yours was the first infertility/parenting blog I ever read--stumbled onto it in 2004 when I Googled something like "Brooklyn parent," after the shock of my first pregnancy test. I was living in Park Slope at the time, and used to figure I'd run into you and your little ones at the Tot Lot eventually. Anyway, I'm in L.A. now--with two little ones running around--and just wanted to thank you for your blog. It, along with the other gems in your blogroll, opened up a whole new world for me. Don't hide out forever!


brooklyngirl, good luck on your new journey and i'll check in again to see where it leads you...and thank you for all the support during the tough IVF days, i'll never forget it. :)


Another here also parenting two after IVF and approaching 40, who'll miss your thoughts on these and the always close-to-home You Be The Parent... Hope some space helps you clarify where you're at and where you're heading - and that you come back soon :)


Ah Brooklyn Girl, it's the end of an era, those of us who were infertile and blogging in the golden age of Get Up Grrl. I'll check back hoping YOUR next big bloggy idea actually materializes!


Hurry back. You will be missed.


3.5 years is soul crushing. There is a reason I sent mine to daycare during those years.

But then they turn 5, and 6 and become the coolest people ever. You can have actual conversations, and enjoy them. Just hang on tight until then.

The blogworld will still be here when you get back. Just let Mel or whoever know where you are and we'll come say hi.


I always looked to you to see what Bear was going to do next (as The Boy is only a couple of days older than my Bear).

I remember the low beta and the shock of being pregnant on your own. And I will always remember all of the funny stories of living in such a small space with so many small people.

Don't give up hope that things will get better. Or on that third child (I did - and then un-gave up and now am expecting my own Boy).

I will miss you.


Awwwww. I will miss you! But I totally understand and look forward to the 2.0 version of you! You better inform us all of your new location!

Good luck with The Boy. I'm sure that's a rough age, but luckily it won't last forever. You just have to get through it.


Dear Brooklyn Girl,

You were the first blog I EVER READ!

I had just finished a cycle at Cornell (we live in Pittsburgh) and my Hcg was suck-ass and we were told we were going to lose my son.

In despair, my husband googled "Cornell shitty beta" or something like that--and you saved us! We didn't know that there was this whole community of people struggling like we were.

We managed to keep my son with us and he's almost 3. I am actually sitting on the 37th floor of the Helmsley Park Lane overlooking Centyral Park, because we are going to try for #2 at Cornell again.

Anyway, if you ever wonder what you accomplished by blogging, you saved us. we were so scared and isolated and your story helped us and your links introduced us to the wider community online.


Oh, and one day my son was just refusing to eat. I am pretty psycho about healthy eating (my hub had childhood cancer, hence our cornell adventure, and thus i am really, really ocd about what my son eats, and typically he's really good--for instance he loves cauliflower)...anyway, at my wits end, i realised what i could feed him--thanks to one of your posts---tater tots and apple sauce--yea, organic--and he gobbled it all up--and i did end up saying, after 3 servings of applesauce--no, you have to eat more tater tots--and the memory of your post made me smile.

all the best down the road!


I keep coming back here hoping to have something worthwhile to say...

The age - it does suck.

I'll miss your writing...please let us know where you end up!


Oh no! Don't move away!!! I will miss you until you come back.

COME BACK. You must. :)


Hope you are well. How are you coping with your first winter in the subs? And of course how has the drama of the preschool set treating you?


ok....still waiting to know where to find you!!


i keep checking back to see if you have landed some place else and let us know.... hope things are going well.


Ummm...I missed this post somehow. And kept wondering why you weren't posting, and just now finally came here to check in. Whoops! This is sad to see. I hope the next incarnation of BG is on her way. And that things are going well for you these days.


My boy is also now 3.5 and my girl is 1.5. I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past few years because our kids were similar ages. I remember when you blogged that "the boy now hugs" and my boy was doing the same. Well, guess what? My boy now throws tantrums now too, power struggles, sometimes about wanting to wear gloves in May, sometimes about tape, sometimes about finding something starting with the letter V to bring to preschool......You should start a new blog.


I miss reading about you and your family and your adventures. I'm still trying for a child and reading about your struggles and your children is just such a comfort. I do hope you'll post a new blog link soon!


Another baby is just great. All the best.But we will miss you. This is Alice from Israeli Uncensored News.

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